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Oberhausen Centro with my grandma // New items

Hello princesses,

after my attack last week, I felt too scared to leave the house.
I'm trying to as often as I can, but only with my boyfriend at the moment. 
We decided to visit the the shopping mall Centro in Oberhausen with my grandma.
Since my grandma has no car, and she really wanted to see the christmas decoration there, we took her with us ^^.
My grandma and me<3

The christmas decoration is soo amazing there, everywhere big christmas trees and christmas wreaths. 
Outside around the mall is a big christmas market. 
We visited this market,too. We drunk some kakao and ate Mutzen. 
I love the christmas time so much. 
haha I found this fake fur hat at the christmas market soo cuttteee~

Baby shoes *O*

If you want a fox tail you can buy it at the christmas market, too ^^

I shopped a some new winter clothes <3 I wanted a new simple black dress and found one beautiful one at Mango ^---^. 

Also I found a beautiful fake fur poncho-scarf thing. 
I saw it and it was an instant must have *O* !
It looks so elegant ^.- 

 Finally, I found white / cream overknee socks at Calzedonia^^. 
We have the same store in cologne but I didn´t find white overknees there ^^.

My outfit that day - simple, but I like my simple style,too ^^
It´s my real hair - god so long *yeahhh* 

Dress+ scarf: Jane Norman
Coat: DreamV
Overkneesocks: Ebay
Boots: JUMEX
Bag: Cat walk 

Ohh yeah: A lot items have finally arrived at my home ^---^. 
I´m very happy! Here what all arrived:
My Strapya package:

 My sweet package from Anji <33333
Golds infinity top, Himena has the same one *O*!!!!
super cute presents from Aniji <3<3<3

 And my new package from Suzu <3

Finally my dream dress *O*!! I´m so happy!! Himena has the same one, also ;) pic from Himenas blog.

My Melody purse, Jesus Diamante hair bow, some bracelets and a My Melody necklace^^

Okay enough today, I tend to make posts too long....

What do you think: Should rather I post 2 or 3 long posts in a week,
or more short posts instead? What do you prefer ^^. 



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