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My Name is Sui Princess♡ aka. black-sui.
I live in Germany
I love japanese fashion especially with Swankiss ꒰๑❛▿❛ ॢ̩꒱.
I am in love with my husband he is from America, he seriously is the best in my whole life *Dream mode on*
My idols are
♡Saaya♡,♡Mimi♡,♡Hikapu♡ and ♡Suzunyan(◌ॢ•ω•◌ॢ).
This blog is about my life, fashion and other things which interest me.
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My Birthday(Gazette concert) and my suprising "princess" birthday party from my friends// picture heavy

Hello princesses,
This wednesday was my birthday. It was the 25.09.2013. Yes you read right the 25.09, the same day where the Gazette concert in Dortmund was. Is that awesome or what?!
It was seriously the best birthday I´ve ever had thank you so much to all my friends and people who congragulated me. And Thank you to my friends who spend that day with me and made it so awesome.
It started in the morning where my hubby woke up really early and look what he was going to do for me.
Candles all over and my presents on the floor + a breakfast table * to breakfast I love to eat Nutella or Marmelade and he bought everything *^*
 And wow Himena also thought of my birthday and sent me in a message a birthday wish *^*

Then I met my Yuki and we got ready for the Gazette concert. We were so exited. She was on every Gazette concert here in Germany. I just know them since 2010(that´s when I start with japanese fashion and music) and since then I waited for a concert. 'And finally they came back to Germany.
My babe, Yuki, Binh and Riina we all drove to the concert together. It was so much fun.
Thanks so much for this awesome day.^^ Unfortunately we stand in a traffic jam so we arrived really late but it doesn´t matter. We still found a nice place to enjoy the concert.
At the concert I met a lot friends Steffi, keiji, kai, Bella, Renoyuki which made me really happy. The light was ...well... shitty so we didn´t make a lot pictures. And from the Band itself it wasn´t allowed to make pictures. >.<
Yuki and I a heart and soul xD
And Riina and Binh or better Binh´s eye xD
Our tickets*^*and Hubby´s spider it always creeps up on you. xD

I, Yuki and Riina <3<3<3<3
I, Babe, Bella, Kai <3<3<3<3<3
I was so so so happy for Kai that he caught Kai´s drum stick that he threw into the crowd xD *^*. Isn´t that awesome. And we made a pic with it *my face wtf  and my hair is a mess after dancing  ?!*

Today's rock Princess outfit

 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Me and my Birthday crown xD I felt like a real Princess, also without my Princess clothes.

This Friday my friend Nadine aka Candykittenz invited me to her home. So I went to her after working. I didn´t know she and some of my oldest friends made a suprising birthday party for me. I was speachless seriously and I cried because I was so so so~ happy about it. Never in my whole life anyone made a suprize party for me. The Party has the motto "Princess". So perfect for me. I wore also the whole day a crown which Nadine put on me *^*. My friends Asu and Silke and Mel made two awesome stunning, gorgeous, damn beautiful  I can´t say it in words birthday cakes and Chocolate candy for me but look I didn´t find words for it. It was absolutely awesome.(Just info: Auroa and Tinkerbell are my favorite Disney Princesses, I know Tink is not a real Princess but I love these two the most!).Thank you so so mcuh for this day! I´m so happy to have you guys! We know each other now for more than 9 years
The decorated Princess table. All over Disney Princess *^*
My plate with a Princess crown T^T,Isn´t that cute ? Damn I start crying when I see the pictures again and can´t belive my friends made this for me!
Chocolate Pralines *^* Made by Mel ヽ(;▽;)ノ Raperry and Marzipan flavor  (´∇ノ`*)ノ
Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) cake made by Silke ヽ(;▽;)ノ She made the dress half blue half pink like in the Orginaly Disney movie when the fairy´s fight about the dress color *^*
The inside cake. Rasperry flavor  (⌒▽⌒)☆
Princess Tinkerbell, made by Nadine ヽ(;▽;)ノ
The inside cake chocolate and vanilla flavor  (´∇ノ`*)ノ
I love you. What a nice picture *^* <3
And Diner also made by my friends T^T.. It was super delicious!!!!!!

Today's outfit

Thank you so much for reading and if you want please leave a comment


Time to change something! // Leaving Gaijin Gyaru Community!

Hello everyone,
Today I make a serious post so please read it.
First thing:
I´m done with the GaijinGyaru Comunity. Yuki and I decided now to leave the Gyaru community! She also made a post on her Blog. In the last weeks I seriously asked myself so many times, why I still do this?
It was really like a hobby for me but it turned into a really bad thing and lots of stress.
I just noticed that my friend Yuki got a really stupid secret and some other good Gyarus too in the past.
I mean what is wrong with you? The most secrets have nothing to do with normal criticsm. It´s just always the same: "You are fat" "You are ugly". And well if you have critiscm and want to tell them , why don´t you write a mail or contact them?! It´s just to try to push ppl down or blame them, which is really sad.
and thats not all. In the Gyaru secrets are so many big fat lies.Which are just lies and nothing is true on it.
Best example was. After my Exboyfriend and I broke up, Yuki got 3 secrets that she is a slut because she stole my boyfriend. And THIS IS NOT TRUE! She never stole my Bf. she never had anything with him or anything. Yuki was all the time in a relationship and also my Exbf had after a short time a new girl, but not Yuki and the sad thing is that people really believe what stands there! And it´s just a lie! 
Are some people so bored that they sit in front of a computer and think "Mhhhh~what lie can I post today about the person xxx"?!
We are all one community and we earn enough strange looks from ppl who are not into Gyaru or Lolita or Fairy kei, Creepy cute or whatever for a style. So why is it so hard to stand together?
I don´t get it! But, I´m tired of thing number one so I will change a lot. I´m def. out of the gyaru comunity or lolita or whatever. I´m now just "Sui" who is interested in J-fashion. And don´t call me a "Gyaru" anymore. I will wear what I want and when I want. Princess style or normal style or whatever I feel like.I like my clothes so I will still wear them. But I´m seriously ashamed to call myself a Gyaru, when I see something like this. Obviously don´t get me wrong, there are also a lot nice Gals out there (with really nice personalities :), but also so much Drama in this community and I don´t want this anymore.
I also will change my posts and post not so often. Maybe once a week, maybe not. I will decide it for myself.
This is definately nothing againt my readers or fans, I´m really thankful that you read my blog, comment and write me awesome mails. This part is for the haters <,<
Found it in Tumblr. Posted by pastel-cutie
And another thing:
Some persons here are constantly talking shit about me behind my back in public. I never said anything to this but now its too much.Talking shit about my husband and my family is way to much. And has absolutley nothing to do with me.
I guess some of you guys hear lies or stories about me.  And I hope I really just hope you don´t belive all this stuff. It´s always easy just to listen to a story and directly believe it. But finding out the truth is a way harder. Or to see there is always different views of a story.
I never said I´m an Angel or something obviously I also did mistakes. 
I think you should make your own picture about me and not just because you hear something.  (Thank you to all ppl who let me always know about this!)
I don´t write more about this but I needed to say it. I give a shit if someone talks about me(It´s really sad that they have to do it for such a long time though), and I  think it´s pretty sad if ppl belive it. But I stand over it because I know the truth and : Hell yeah I´m damn happy with my life now.
But If it goes about my Hubby or familiy, these people who talk shit didn´t even know them!
So I just can say it again, Please make your own picture of a person!
But Stop now!


Connichi Friday~ Anime Convention in Kassel // Hime Bunny girl

Hello princesses,

 Binh, Brandon and I went to the Connichi, a big Anime Convention in Kassel (゜▽゜;)
We went first to our Hotel directly at the central station in Kassel, I really liked the Hotel and Fanu stayed in the same one (●´∀`●).
We checked inn and went directly to the Connichi. My husband never saw a convention so I was really exited and wanted to show him everything. On Friday there was not a lot going on so we didn´t stay that long and went back to the hotel, but I was still happy so see some peple there. In the afternoon we met Fanu and her husband and went to a small restaurant together. It was a lot of fun Thank you so much for this nice evening ヽ(;▽;)ノ
Our Hotel room <3
Awesome right, there we ate Diner and Breakfast  (゜▽゜;)
Also a room of the hotel, you could watch there Tv, on a bigger Tv or play billiard ^^.
XD The Derp Gang in the elevator ^^   On the way to the Connichi~
Fanu and I, she is so so so cute right?  (ノ´ー`)ノ
I also met the cute Renoyuki again <3. I met her all 3 days>y< there, she is so lovely *^*
I´m a huge fan from the Anime and Manga Elfenlied so I need to make a picture with this  (*^ワ^*)

I love it *^*
I bought at the Connichi the new Ageha and my hon bought me this cute charm <3<3<3<3<3
Before we ment Fanu and her Husband. We changed our clothes, so it was more comfortable.
Binh made also awesome pictures from me that day.
I love his pictures so much he is so talented. Her you can find his Facebook page

Today's Hime Bunny outfit



Sponsored review: I-dollsuk circle lenses// Eye Meny choco pudding

Hello princesses,

Today I want to make a review about my new sponsored lenses from I-dollsuk.
I-dollsuk have a big selection of Korean circle lenses in diffrent colors, designs and sizes. But they also have a lot of diffrent fake lashes in their assortment. They were located in the UK and ship worldwide.
Their lenses have an awesome quality and are comfortable to wear ^^ So try it out.
You can pay with Paypal at I-dollsuk and can place your order via a message on there Facebook shop. The The shipping is very fast (*^3^)/~☆If ordered and paid before 3pm orders will be posted out the same day.
I tried these lenses (They are also available in the color: violett, green, blue and gray):

Eye Meny~ choco Pudding  (They came with a awesome Anna Sui case, you can choose the color too)

Some information:
Diameter D.I.A: 22.8MM
Water content Water Content: 38%
Base Curve B.C: 8.60MM
Center Thickness CT: 0.018MM
Material: HEMA-MMA

Can Use: One year

Today's lenses review photos:


Me with the Eye Meny Choco Pudding lenses:
Just one lens in (without make up)
Both lenses (without makeup)

open+ makeup witout flash
From the side...
with flash!

Conclusion to these circle lenses:

These Eye Meny lenses are very big and make your eyes look like big dolly eyes!I think you can see in the pictures I took really good the difference between my eye and the lenses. 
I think it looks just amazing. Usually I can´t wear brown lenses, I tried so many and it normally looked kinda weird. But with these lenses I´m really happy and I like how they also look on lighter eyes.
(´ ▽`).。o♡. I really think they are now my favorite pair of lenses.
I wore them a whole day at a convention and had no problems with them they were the whole day comfortable.



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