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My Name is Sui Princess♡ aka. black-sui.
I live in Germany
I love japanese fashion especially with Swankiss ꒰๑❛▿❛ ॢ̩꒱.
I am in love with my husband he is from America, he seriously is the best in my whole life *Dream mode on*
My idols are
♡Saaya♡,♡Mimi♡,♡Hikapu♡ and ♡Suzunyan(◌ॢ•ω•◌ॢ).
This blog is about my life, fashion and other things which interest me.
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Friends meetsss

Hello princesses,

Time again for a ''friends meet'' post.
First I met my friend Nadine / Asukatze before she flies to Japan. I gave her some tipps, and hope they help her a little.It´s almost time for me also to fly to japan. I´m so excited. But I need to do some stuff before <..<  Well, we had a small shopping day and I finally found the konpeto sugar stars.
I always looked at the wrong space.
Isn´t that cute?? I really wanted to buy them. But then I chose Shin chan candy. And my konpeto sugar stars.
I made me a Miwako ''Magical Medicine glass''
Got from Nadine this present for my birthday *^* Strawberries !!!!! OMG!!!!

Today's dark princess outfit

Shirt H&M
Cardigan:New Yorker
I also met my cute friend MissNeko on a weekend. We had kinda a double date with our partners. And it was so much fun!! I love to hang out with her. She is such a funny and positive person.
Her Boyfriend Valentin took so many awesome awesome pictures of us with his phone *^*
He sent me them and I think these are the prettiest *^*
Our Swankiss Outfits!!! We are SWANKISS LOVERS!!!!!
We are not 24/7 cute.. No way, the most of the time we look like that hah!!
Petite Francois x fant = BIG LOVE!!!

I´m sorry that my watersign are on them(My Computer makes it automatically >.<). I edit them a little but Valentin took them.
And this one he edited ^^ I think this is my favorite one !!!
We also had Dinner together and I ate the first time korean food. It´s Miss Nekos and Valentins favorite restaurant, and I was so happy they showed it to us. The food was absolutely delicious. We definitely will go there more often.
Our group, sorry for the blurry pic <<''
My foood!!! yummy!!!!!!!

Today's Pink~Swan outfit

Blouse, Skirt, Shoes, Bag: Swankiss
Hairbands, Petite Broch: Sui Berry~ Berry Sui

Miss Neko was in Japan last month and she brought me some stuff *^* Isn´t that cute??
It was two strawberry kit kats but the hub was to fast and ate one xDDDD.



My Magical Princess Birthday

Hello Magical girls,
Yes one year is already over again and so I celebrated another birthday. When I woke up my hub made me a small birthday table. Isn´t it cute ???? I got flowers, 2 plush unicorns, a unicorn and happy berry necklace ,my favorite clo'e perfume, chocolate and a voucher for tokyo. I´m so happy *^*
On my actual birthday I went out with my hub. We ate Sushi at the Okinii, because I love sushi.
We never really eat it so it was something special *^*

Today's Mikako outfit

Dress:bought in America, pimped by me
Hat:Sui Berry ~ Berry Sui
Blouse: Onespo
Shoes: Swankiss
I also made a small (really small birthday meet with friends). I don´t want to celebrate it this year so big. So don´t be sad if I didn´t invite you. I just really dont want to celebrate it big.
On the way to Düsseldorf~ I´m busy x'''D !!! Stole this pic from Clint
We made a horror cinema day ^^ It was with InaDoll, Clint and Svenja
My crew ^....^

First we went to TenTen to drink some tea and matcha and after that we had dinner at BusterPasta. One of my favorite restaurants at the moment ^^
The gang Ina and Svenja~~~
& Clint and me <3

In the cinema we watched the movie: As above so below, in german: Die Katakomben. The movie was ok. not that awesome as I though but ok. At least I shreiked one time, but it was because of Ina xD.
She knew exactly when one ghost came out of the wall and said: 3,2,1 ... and ghost! I didn´t believe it and thought she is kidding so I shreiked hahaha.
with the movie Poster, or a piece of it hahaha.
Cheeeseeeeee!! I love you!!!
Aren´t we cute as fudge ??? Stole this picture from Ina

Today's ~Berry Sui~ outfit

Dress: Pinkys dream Instagram
Hat:Sui Berry ~ Berry Sui
Blouse: Onespo
Shoes: Swankiss
Button: Vanillas Traumfabrik
Bag: Present from Rin, pimped by me

On Sunday my family came to my place to celebrate with me.
I didn´t take any pictures besides one Outfit picture >.< Siorry!

Today's Sailor moon Moonlight legend outfit

Dress:/ Shirt: Miss Kika
Leggins: Calzedonia

And one funny picture... What happend here ?? My lambchop is flying behind me ?? xD
I would be  really happy if you could write me a comment ^^. So I see people still read my posts ^^


Zirkus des Horrors// Horror Circus ***please dont watch it if you dont like scary things***

Hello princesses,

Today I want to make a Blogpost about our visit at the Horror Circus in Dortmund. If you want to visit it too, and you should if you like scary things, its right now in Cologne, Festplatz Gummersbacher Strasse, near Lanxess Arena. You can visit it right now until the 26th of October!!But it will be also in a lot of other cities in Germany, Check it out.  I´m thinking of going again. It was absolutely absolutely awesome seriously I was totally suprised how good it was. I usually don´t like the circus but this was just too awesome to not watch it. Especially if you are a horror fan like me.
I went there with my friend Alena, a friend from her and my hub. And we all loved it.
I took some pictures for you, but It can´t show how amazing it was!
First you had to go through a haunted walkway. It was so scary and I shreiked a couple times. So I had to stick on my hub xD
Her some of our pictures, I hope you like them
To get in the right mode Alena bought some halloween lights and Halloween candy. Soo awesome right??
Hello Mr. Skeleton ^^
We worn a Twin cupcake outfit ^^ <3<3<3 I love that dress so much its from H&M
The circus at night. It starts at 08:00 pm , but you have to be there a little bit earlier
Inside everything was decorated really scary. You could buy popcorn with blood, play some games or buy some merchandise.
Blood popcorn!!!!!
I guess blood popcorn was not enough for me I wanted to eat Alena!!! muahahaha
I hope he is ok ;3;
They come to get us T^T
Let the show begin....
This was an exorcism  
I hate clowns so much! I hate them!!
That must hurt so damn much. He had hooks through his back skin >....<!!!!Ouch!
 After the show, you could take pictures with some of the scary acters. Of course I did !!!
We met Dracula, he was just a doll though and I didnt realized it first

Today's Cupcake outfit

Dress, Blouse: H&M
Leggins: Calzedonia



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