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Zirkus des Horrors// Horror Circus ***please dont watch it if you dont like scary things***

Hello princesses,

Today I want to make a Blogpost about our visit at the Horror Circus in Dortmund. If you want to visit it too, and you should if you like scary things, its right now in Cologne, Festplatz Gummersbacher Strasse, near Lanxess Arena. You can visit it right now until the 26th of October!!But it will be also in a lot of other cities in Germany, Check it out.  I´m thinking of going again. It was absolutely absolutely awesome seriously I was totally suprised how good it was. I usually don´t like the circus but this was just too awesome to not watch it. Especially if you are a horror fan like me.
I went there with my friend Alena, a friend from her and my hub. And we all loved it.
I took some pictures for you, but It can´t show how amazing it was!
First you had to go through a haunted walkway. It was so scary and I shreiked a couple times. So I had to stick on my hub xD
Her some of our pictures, I hope you like them
To get in the right mode Alena bought some halloween lights and Halloween candy. Soo awesome right??
Hello Mr. Skeleton ^^
We worn a Twin cupcake outfit ^^ <3<3<3 I love that dress so much its from H&M
The circus at night. It starts at 08:00 pm , but you have to be there a little bit earlier
Inside everything was decorated really scary. You could buy popcorn with blood, play some games or buy some merchandise.
Blood popcorn!!!!!
I guess blood popcorn was not enough for me I wanted to eat Alena!!! muahahaha
I hope he is ok ;3;
They come to get us T^T
Let the show begin....
This was an exorcism  
I hate clowns so much! I hate them!!
That must hurt so damn much. He had hooks through his back skin >....<!!!!Ouch!
 After the show, you could take pictures with some of the scary acters. Of course I did !!!
We met Dracula, he was just a doll though and I didnt realized it first

Today's Cupcake outfit

Dress, Blouse: H&M
Leggins: Calzedonia




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