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trip to Stuttgart and Northsea

Hello princesses,

I noticed that I didntpost anything about my last small trips I made.
So I want to change that.
First we start with my short trip to Stuttgart, I visite there a good friend, Kate.
I was never before in Stuttgart and it was amazing. I definately go again in maybe a month.
I took so many picture xD!
Her just some for you. Hope its not to boring.
First day
My outfit for the trainride
On mywayto Kate <3
So the first day wejust chilled a little, but I met her super super cute dog nikki. Can t get enough from him !!!!

The second day we made some little sightseeing and went SHOPPING!!!! XD
The view from her appartment is amazing!!! And this old windows*^* 
My Outfit for that day ^^ 
Kate and I <3<3<3<3
The modern library of Stuttgart 

On the third day we checked out some secondhand stores *^* I love second hand stores and you?
We also checked out the ''Fluxus passage''. Because there was also a amazing second hand store. And omgI found some remade vintage toys. I had to buy some!!!
I loved all the old houses *^* 

In that little messy store I found my beloved vintage toys...
The best toy!!!! I had to buy it. Its from Japan and not a remake !

 And in the second hand shop I found this amazing jacket from the 80´s!

 I really had a amazing time!!!!
My trip to the Northsea was with my family and was super super super relaxing.
I took also a lot of pictures and want to share them even if its maybe a bit boring. But a lot of you guys complained that I stoped blogging :) So here we so

On the first day we arrived in Greetsiel were our house was for the time. We just checked out Greetsiel a little <3

On the second day we visited the beach !! it was really cool to see it again, because I was there with my family when I was around 15 years old :D

ME, Mom and little sister

They stand in the middle of the ocean all the water was gone. Its called ebb.
But you see our dog was happy as fudge :D

on the last day we visited the lighthouse from the german commedian ''Otto''

 And the eifeltower from the Northsea :)

 Thats it for today. I hop you had a little fun. Stay tuned for my net Blogpost :D



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