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My Name is Sui Princess♡ aka. black-sui.
I live in Germany
I love japanese fashion especially with Swankiss ꒰๑❛▿❛ ॢ̩꒱.
I am in love with my husband he is from America, he seriously is the best in my whole life *Dream mode on*
My idols are
♡Saaya♡,♡Mimi♡,♡Hikapu♡ and ♡Suzunyan(◌ॢ•ω•◌ॢ).
This blog is about my life, fashion and other things which interest me.
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Easter Hime Gyaru meet// photo shooting(behind the scenes) Part 1

Hello princesses,
On Saturday Yuki made a small Easter meet with Steven, Brandon, Binh, me and her.
We met at the OCS to see it for the last time because today it was the last day open.
We didn´t take Purikura 1) it was too full and 2) only the shitty machine works ^^.
Then we went into a small park in Düsseldorf. It was so much fun but so so so cold. Steven and Yuki also made some Easter baskets for us. That was so cute. I smiled like a small child and directly ate some of the chocolate xD.
I saw a super cute Hime girl there, she knows me and my blog. I asked her for a picture because she looks awesome!
Steven and me!
Yuki hun and me <3<3<3 I love you!

In the Park ^^
I bought this Liz Lisa coat from Yuki and I love it so much! I didn´t have a mirror so we took a picture so I could see if I like it on me and... yeahh I love it <3<3<3<3<3
Our Easter baskets <3<3<3 Thanks sooo soo much <3
I found it <3<3<3

kiss time again <3<3<3<3<3
Steven you look so cool here <3<3<3<3<3
As I said we made a small photo shooting in the park. My husband made some pictures behind the scenes. In my next post I want to show you then the final results of our shooting <3<3<3
Here one iPhone try:

Behind the scenes:

After that we went to Takumi, it was really cold and I almost couldn´t feel my hands...
Plus we all were very hungry <3
My food <3<3<3<3
We had some stalker at Takumi ´xD
 I wish you all very nice easter days <3<3

Today's outfit

Shoes, Hairbow, Bag: La Pafait
Both Coats: Liz Lisa
Skirt, Babydoll:  PrincessMelody
Item: Brand



Aqualand- let´s go swim with a Princess in a fun bath

Hello princesses,

This week my husband and I went to a fun bath in the evening in cologne. It´s called Aqualand and I really love it there. It´s from 7.30pm - 11pm for 12 euro each a night time price which is ok ^^.
We both love swimming so we went to this fun bath and I am very happy that my husband liked it a lot.
They have a lot of diffrent water slides which is sooooo much fun!
Well my iPhone don´t really like water but I convinced it to make some pictures xD
The Aqualand building ^^, at night.
The water was soooo warm!!!!
hun and me <3

I also took a picture from the bath, it looks awesome and is so comfortable there.
xD I try to swim ^^'' it looks kinda weird
xDDD me in a big inner tube <3<3<3<3It is on the water slides... the slides destroyed my hair XDDD
xD... of course the time flew... I hope we can do this again soon ^^. It was so much fun
After we had fun swimming and sliding we ate some ice cream together <3 ^^!

Today's swim outfit

Bikini: DreamV

I also finally printed out some photos from my husband, friends, himena and me.
And I made three collages ^^ Here are my results:
My Friend Collage ^^ <3<3<3 I had the idea from Yuki and Maddy ^^.
My Collage of my husband and me
And yeahh I also made a Himena one <3<3<3


New Hime Gyaru arivals:La Pafait, Gravil // Fanletter

Hello princesses,
Finally new stuff arrived! I am so so happy! But still some My Melody stuff is on the way to me. I hate it when the post office is so slow.. ミ●﹏☉ミ
Well here my new items first my non Gyaru items XD
My new Monster High Doll- Rebecca Steam. She is so cool ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

Then two My Little Ponys My favorite Rarity and Sweetie Belle.
I really love Rarity so I want one Pony of her. I got that set for a few Dollar on ebay ^^
Here my new Gyaru items ^------^<3<3<3
Two new halfwigs from Prisila~ finally I really needed some new halfwigs! ヾ(^ ^ゞ
 Also my new DreamV hime dress arrived. I really love the print and it looks so princessly ^----^
It´s perfect for spring ^^
Then I also ordered some stuff with Sutewis shoppingservice. First a bag from La Pafait with kitty´s on it. It is so cute,It looks like Church and Himena are on the bag!! I love this bag so much especially the details ^^ + I got a free La Pafait bag with a Teddy on it. kyaaaaa !!!!! It´s so cute.(●⌒∇⌒●)
Then I also ordered a new Dress from Gravil by Tutuha. It is so cute. 
I tried it on directly of course and.... kawaiii! I love this dress. It looks so hime. I can´t belive it´s from Gravil by Tutuha. It´s just awesome.(●⌒∇⌒●)

And at last my new Headdress it´s from Ruby Rose it´s so sweet. 
I think it will fit perfectly to my Gravil by Tutuha dress ^-----^

 And wooaaa~~ a fanletter arrived. Thanks so so so much!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
I was so happy this morning. ^^. It took a while to get here because my husbands mom send it to me, so I recived it today)  *(*´∀`*)☆ Arigatou Keiko chan <3

And I am still waiting for these My Melody items cross your fingers that they arrive soon xD
I hate waiting....。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 The next pictures are not from me, I used the pics from the auction. You find the link under the pictures. ^^
First the my My Melody Headband. I ordered a month ago and it still hasn´t arrived yet! ヽ(;▽;)ノ
I hope it comes soon.I saw it on Ebay and fall in love with it.. but then the best  I saw it on Himenas Twitter a few days after that. So I had i before her xD. Himenas has the same!!Yoshh!!!
Picture is from Ebay

This and the picture below is from Himenas Blog)

And I am also waiting for the my Melody shoes. They were so cute.
I needed new slippers because my strawberry crocks broke T______T
Picture is also from Ebay
And at last my new iPhone My Melody cable xD. It´s such a cute idea^^. Well I hope it works ^^
Picture is from Ebay ^^

Today's very simple My Mero outfit



Cologne Deutz bridge// Weekend in Hime Gyaru

Hello princesses,
This weekend I spent together with my husband in cologne.
We went to the city again and I waned to see a dress from H&M which I saw in the cataglogue.
I found the dress and yeahh I like it for more casual days or for my work ^^. Maybe I should buy it ^^.
After that we went to Pizza hut because my husband is in love with cookie Dough xD.Finally another person who also love this desert...  (ノ ̄ー ̄)ノI show that desert to a lot of people but well, they were kinda dissaopinted, I don´t underdstand why, it´s so good!! ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ
New Louis Vuitton window (xD you can see us also if you look closly ^^)
The H&M window, I really like that collection in green with the caribic print I don´t know why... the dress was also from this print ^^
This is the dress. I think I will buy it in the next week^^. It´s very comfortable and looks just like a long shirt
At Pizza hut:
I drunk a coke zero and he drunk a kölsch ^^
Cookie Dough!!
But we also had more plans for this weekend. Last weekend we bought a locket and wanted to bring it to the Cologne Deutz bridge. ♡♡♡ ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ♡♡♡
Why? Well, a lot of couples bring their locket and put it on the bridge, then they throw the matching key´s in the water (the Rhein- a big river in Germany) under the bridge. It says then your love holds forever, because nobody can open the locket again ^^.
So we had a locket and scratched our names and our wedding date in it+ our old rings.
The rings were not real. We bought them but it was a fail, thats why we bought new ones.
(These are not the rings which we put on our fingers, I will keep them). I know 3 pair of rings <<.. long story xD

So many lockets!!!

The keys before we throw them together in the Rhein ^^

Today's outfit

Babydoll: Rojita
Skirt: Liz Lisa style
Shoes: La Pafait
Coat:Liz Lisa
Hat: Princess Melody




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