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Sugarbird Cupcake düsseldorf // New Hime arivals// Fanpackage

Hello princesses,

How was your weekend? I hope you had a lot of fun. I met my friends Yuki, Lana and Chrisi in düsseldorf.
Normally also my friends Ina, Svenja and Clint would want to come but they were too busy. T...T
But we also had a lot of fun. Before we arrived in düsseldorf we stood 2 hours in the traffic!
Arggg!!! That made me so angry. I hate traffic.
Yuki sent me a pic during this horrific time. XD
Sulking Yuki ...and...
...Sulking Sui xD

First we went to the Sugarbird Cupcake cafe in düsseldorf. I was there the first and only time when I started with Lolita in the year 2010. And I am so happy that I saw it again. If you like Cupcakes then you should go to this cafe. The cupcakes and also drinks were awesome and are for real princesses ^...^.

I ordered a white hot chocolate and my husband a peppermint milk ^^

Yapppp, it was damn good!!!

Sweet Yuki chan before she ordered stuff ^^

My Cupcakes ^^
Honeys Cupcake ^^
And a Strawberry Milk for my honey and me together XD
Chrisi, me and Yuki chan <3<3<3<3<3

After the cafe we went to Yuki and Lanas place and watched a little bit of TV together.
Lana showed me her Lady Gaga Bodylotion. And omg it smells so so so good!!!
*Dreammood on* I need it. And the best is the lotion is black! But if you put it on and rub it on your skin it dissapears ^----^

Well some new packages arrived also on Saturday xD. And I bought the new Ageha ^-----^v
The new Ageha 4/2013 with a super cute Liz Lisa mirror!!!
New DreamV boots, Himena has the same ones (see Ageha 03/2013) ^^
And my new white La Pafait hairbow arrived+ new Ma*rs catalogue. I pimped it with a "Princess chrarm". And a My Melody. ^^... I  bought it with Sutewis shoppingservice ^^ Thanks so much!!!!!
...this is how the bow looked before ^^

And omg, a super big suprise my postman brought me! A Fanpackage from Kami chan.
10000000 times thank you to Kami chan! I was so damn happy, really!

Today's Hime outfit

Bolero,Babydoll: Princess Melody
Skirt: Hollister
Headbow:Holy tea time




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