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Shopping - What I bought in Japan: Part 1

Heyya princesses,

so some of you wanted to see what I bought in Japan!! I´m very happy about that!!
The only thing what I can say is: Sooooo many things in Japan and not enough money ;___;!!!

I really want more!!
But I think I bought a lot of stuff for my money. 
I want to write for you where I bought it and of course the brand ^----^<3<3<3.
Maybe some of you want the same and then you can buy it with the help of a shopping service ^^. 

This is Part 1, more will follow in the next days <3<3<3<3<3<33<3<3<3

This mirror is from Ruby Rose. I bought it in Shibuya 109.

This cute Bunny charm plush is from Ruby Rose, too. I bought it in Shibuya 109. 

The first package is the liquid for circle lenses, and the second package is liquid for your eyes. You can use them to wear circle lenses longer ^^. I love it!! Both from Donki in Shibuya. 

 Top and skirt is from Diane. I bought it second hand from her !! It´s my dream Ma*rs set!!!!

Plushi is from a Game center. Diane won it for me in Shinjuku. <3<3<3<3<33

Both hair bows from Ma*rs. I bought them in Ma*rs Shibuya 109. The bag was a novelty. 

 Jacket is from Ma*rs. I bought it in Shibuya 109. 

Poodle bag is from Tutuha. I bought it in Shibuya 109. Himena chan has the same <3<3<33<3<333

One piece is from Tutuha. I bought it in Shibuya 109. 

Shoes are from Ma*rs. I bought it in the Ma*rs store in Shinjuku. 

 Skirt and Top are from Ma*rs. I bought it in Shibuya 109. 

Curling iron is from Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara. 

I won both plushies in a Game center in Akihabara.

I bought these Hello Kitty and My Melody sticker in Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara. <3<3<33

I bought these crocs in Donkis. In Akihabara. <3<3<3<3<3<3

Okay please visit my blog again <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<33

Love you <3<3<3




  1. Japan must be a shopping paradise for you, everything is very cute!

    Oh those strawberry crocs! There were some hime lolita at my station yesterday and they were wearing the same crocs!

  2. so viele tolle neue sachen ♥!!!*___________*

  3. Wundervolle Sachen hast du dir geholt ^^
    Nur die Crocs sind so gar nicht mein Ding xD
    Ich will auch mal nach Japan ein bischen shoppen.

  4. wie ich dich um das tutuha kleid beneide ; ___ ;
    in rosa sieht das echt hammerschön aus (kannte es bisher nur in schwarz, blau und grün xD)

  5. Das tutuha Kleid ist so schön und der Rest passt perfekt zu dir.
    Ich freu mich auf den nächsten Part ^-^

  6. I LOVE all your shoppings!! *-* Clothes, plushies and all <3 I want to steal them from you cos I`m so jealous ^-^

  7. Soo many cute stuff!
    I like shoes from Ma*rs, very beautiful ^^


  8. ach ja in japan kann man halt einfach super einkaufen :) schöne sachen - wie ist denn das glätteisen?

  9. I love the first outfit its so cute!! ♥ want ♥

  10. Very cute haul, I especially love the hair bows :)

  11. Oh mein gott, so viele tolle Sachen *-*

    Ich beneide dich so sehr darum, das muss echt ein Shoppingparadies sein.

  12. Epic haul! I am so envious of you, cutie! ;)


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