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My Day in Akihabara: Part 1 (Picture heavy)

Hello princesses,

on the 2nd day in Japan we went to Akihabara (short: Akiba), the geek part of Tokyo. Binh already posted a small preview and I'll continue where he left off.

I'm glad that Yodobashi Camera wasn't all camera, because that would be very boring. Do you know gashapons? I LOVE gashapons <3 They're small balls with collectibles in them.

I found a gashapon corner in that store: SO MANY *__*

After leaving Yodobashi we became hungry and I bought myself a Melonpan :3 Mmmh, so delicious.

Now I want to show you a picture from the other side of the train station. This is what you'd expect from a Akiba-Post:

 Since I was looking for Alpakassos, I went to almost all game centers in Akiba xD
On the way we saw two cute girls:
Have you already been to Akiba? It's like a maze hidden in a suburb .. it took us a while to get out of that place on the photo xD

In the end, there were no Alpakassos ;___; but I won other things in UFO-Catcher:
A chinese Alpaca *.* It's no Alpkasso but I love it anyway <3
a mini plush of the new series from Sanrio: Sentimental Cirus *.*

In the evening we were tired and took a small break at Crazy Crepes. So yummy! *_*
Like many stores, this one has it's fake products in a display. Very useful if you don't know what you're ordering ;)
Crepes with ice cream and fruits <3
Near the entrance of the train station was a adult store with an interesting stand-up display
You know I love to go shopping <3 Here is a part of what I bought in Akiba:
Close up of the UFO-Catcher stuff

the new Ageha und BETTY <3

Stickers from Yodobashi Camera und purikura with my honey <3
It was a funny day in Akiba <3 As you can see, I reduced the amount of text and increased the size of the pictures so that you can see pictures instead of text of what I saw :3

Today I'm heading to Harajuku! Let's see what I will find there <3



  1. Ohhh so much fun!!!! Enjoy your stay there Hime!! <3

  2. seems like u had so much fun ^^
    crepes look so yummy ^^

  3. HH those crepes*_* so delicious :3 Plus melonpan haha I just tried to make them on my own, total fail I hope yours was delicious :D
    hope you will have a lot fun there :3

  4. tolle bilder :)
    freu mich auf mehr
    LG ♥

  5. *-* Dein Melonenpan sieht ja so lecker aus ♥
    Freut mich das du einen so schönen Tag hattest *hihi* <333
    Ich wünsche dir auch viel viel Spaß in Harajuku~

  6. If you want to find Alpakasso you need to go to Shinjuku!

  7. Ah, da lief gerade Suite Precure im Laden XD, cool x3, ich hoffe du hast noch viel Spaß, sind echt tolle Bilder *__*

  8. ....Akihabara ist das Shibuya 109 für Jungs hab ich das Gefühl.. aber deiner scheint nicht so besessenzu sein wie meiner x) ... Als wir in Akihabara waren hätte er in jedem Shop 10 Stunden verbringen können :O
    Viel Spaß in Harajuku !
    Und jetzt hab ich richtig Lust auf einen Strawberrycheesecake Crepes >.<

  9. I love seeing these pics from Japan. You seem to be having a great time. I actually Lol'd at the pic of you in the Anime cutout, hahaha. <3

  10. yeahh!! I love the crepes!they were awesome !!!!!
    Taste them !!
    I didn´t find any Alpaca ;__; !!Only in some game center, but it was so hard to catch them ;__;!!!!


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