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Yesterday, Date with my honey at steakhouse MAREDO

Hello princesses,
yesterday I really wanted to meet my friends Jessy and Maren in Düssedlorf. We had a date xD!
But I forgot that Binh and me also had a date on this day!! ohhh I need a calender ;__;!!!!!
Thats my next investment xDD!!!! But a cute one ^^. 
So yesterday my honey and me went to cologne. 
We walked a bit through cologne and then went eating. 
 My outfit yesterday. I really like this dress. It´s sooo cute and hime like <3<3<3<3. 

We found something interesting in cologne:
First this wedding table in a small bakery *__* !!!
I really love the wedding cakes <3<3<3<3<3<3
 Here more pictures from yesterday
 The weather was strange. It was soo warm but it rained xDD !!!
 yeessssss!! Binh with a B" *hehe* <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
 such cute dolls!! I reaalllyy love them !! I want the Mad Hatter ;__; !!so cutee

More dolls, the joker and Michael Myers XDD !! Lovve !! They cost around 16 Euro.

 Maredo *__* <3<3<3<3<3 I love meat soo Maredo is pure love for me xDD
 Maredo is in near cologne central station.
Okay here you can see our food <3<3<3<3 It was very good !!!
Our starters: Champignons with sour cream ! I love sour cream <3<3<3<3
 Pork steak with potatoes and sour cream <3<3<3 my dinner <3<3<33 Thanks honey
 Binhs dinner: Steak with peppersauce and fries <3<3<3 I was soo good. And of course better than mine. Every time when we go eating, I love Binhs food more than mine xDD !!!

Our dessert Apple pie. I don´t know the english world in german it's called "Apfelstrudel" !! Yummy!! It was soo good <3<3<3<3

Okay later I'll post more from Japan ^^.
Thank you so much for reading my blog <3<3<33

Bye Bye 

SuiPrincess <3<33<3<33


  1. aww so sind haare süss*_* träggst du ne half wig?

  2. Awh, you look so lovely! Your outfit is amazing <3

  3. Wow soo süß *_*
    Und deine Haare echt toll ♥

  4. Sui i don't know how many times people have asked you this but... Please make a hair tutorial!!!! please please please!!! iLOVE your hair styles, all!! so volume...♥ if you don't want to make a video... you can post pictures or only post tips to have a hair like yours... *___*!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. oh mann!! ich liebe deine haare auch so sehr :)
    aber du magst kein video tutorial machen? ich les das grade im kommentar von Yukina :( wollte dich grade genau das gleiche wie sie fragen! <3
    ich würde auch so gerne wissen wie du deine haare so toll machst :((
    na jedenfalls sind deine outfits, make up und haare ( haha XD ) super süß ! <3

  7. The English word for it is Apple Strudel haha! Such a cute outfit, your hair looks cute too~

  8. wow!i love ur hair so so so so much *O* i want the same hairstyle
    and it seems like u have smth new in ur make up)
    oh,this i love apple strudel,in russian it sounds 'yabloch'nij strudel')
    10000000 kisses

  9. Very cute outfit and hair!~ I like that you take many photos when you go out, its fun to see^^

  10. Nice pictures. I like your dress. So pink and frilly. ^^ That wedding table looks like your average tea party table.

  11. so viel lecker essen *_* oh gott ich liebe food posts xDD

    und das kleidchen sieht echt super aus *_* richtig schön sommerlich x)

  12. YOUR hair looks super awesome!! You look really good and the champignons too *_*!
    Please make a hair tutorial for us :(


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