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My last day in Japan: Part 1

Hello princesses,
Now I'm writing from my last day in Japan. 
Here is Part 1 for you!! It is soo sad, how time flew by... ;_; !! 
I really want to go back to Japan, but we're planning our next trip to Japan in January, at the very latest in April. 
We want to fly with Laura to Japan ^^!! 

That will be legen.. wait for it.... dary xDD!!!
Don´t worry, some of you asked me if I can make a hair tutorial and  a post about the things that I bought in Japan!! I will do those - I haven't forgotten!! 
At the moment Binh is soooo busy so he can´t edit the tutorial! 

But here our last day in Japan ;__; !!!!
 We ate at our favorite restaurant in Minami-Senju <3<3<3 I had some Ramen!! Soo delicious!!

 This was our central station!! Minami-Senju station!! I miss it so much xD

 We took this photo in Shinjuku in front of Donki!! I loovveee Donki!!!!

 This is one of my favorite photos from me and Diane <3<3<3!! We took it in a Game Center <3<3<3

Look, we had a twin outfit <3<3<3<3
Of course we did Puris in our twin outfit <3<3<3<3 This outfit is from Ma*rs! I really love it!!
 Look in the Puri center in Japan are scissors!! That is sooo convenient!
 Here our puris for you : 

 My favorite one <3<3<33

 I hope you like our purikura!! I love them <3<3<3<3<3<3
 From the Puricenter!! We took another photo from Shinjuku ^^.
Look we found these cute gals in the Game center!! They are so gorgeous <3<3<3 LOVE their style <3<3

After that Diane had an appointment in her nail salon. 
She went to the same nail salon as I did. ^^!! I love this salon and now I could do some photos.  There were no picture when I went there, because men are not allowed to enter xD So Binh had to wait outside ^^
 Diane waiting for her new nails xD
 This is the salon, you have your own chair, a red cloth and a small TV.
Some decorations you could choose from<3<3<33

 some "kira kira " for nails <3<3<33
 or maybe some fruits <3<3<3
 Soo first step her pink nails finishes, now the deco...
The girls in this salon were soo kind, but they only speak japanese!! I´m so happy that Diane spoke for me <3

Okay tomorrow I will write Part 2. 
And there was a big surprise for me <3<3<3<3 !!! 
Read my blog again, please <3<3<3

Bye Bye 

SuiPrincess <3<3<3<3


  1. You look like you had such a good time!

  2. oh my god!
    you know i love your blog and your pictures
    and im sooo happy you plan to do a hair tutorial <33
    thanks for it!
    im waiting for it ;)


  3. wie lange habt ihr gebraucht bis nach tokyo bzw shibuya das doch weit weg die staion oder? XD

  4. Ich hab deinen Blog schon die ganze Zeit gestalkt, haha ^^ Jetzt followe ich endlich auch mal.

    Dein ganzer Japanreport ist total schön, ich habe mich gefreut, auch mal Bilder aus Touristensicht von Japan zu sehen!

    Ich mag unbedingt auch mal hin, du hast hier so viele tolle Läden gezeigt =)

  5. Suiii I read all your entries and I must say..you look like a princess!!!!!!!!1 *o* Loved everything!!! I want to see everything you bought so much!!! *o*

  6. I saw a picture and it looked like you met Shiena and Ashley! So lucky to meet them :)

  7. Nice photos. Love the outfit (Or should that be outfits? Since both Diane and yours are the same). If I was the police I would be surprised too. xD

  8. Its really lovely you did so many fun things on your last day! I have never been to the Donki in Shinjuku I feel like a bad person haha!

  9. Omg i love your matching outfits!
    Its sad you have to go home, i would have to be taken out of japan kicking and screaming lol

  10. Ihr zwei seht echt süß aus so im Partnerlook.

    Echt ich liebe alle deine Berichte über deinen Japanurlaub und beneide dich so sehr darum das du vllt schon nächstes Jahr wieder dort hin kannst.

    Ich hab eigendlich auch genug geld dazu, aber leider keine Freundin die sich das mitkommen leisten könnte. *schnief*

    Aber dank deiner Berichte fühlt man sich auch ein wenig wie ein kleiner Turi *-*

    Danke dafür! ^-^


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