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AKB48's Aimi Eguchi is computer generated!

Heyyy princess,

you probably heard from AKB48, currently the most popular girl band in Japan. They made an interesting CM for sweets called "Aisu no Mi":

What's interesting about that video? The girl in front was supposedly new to AKB48. Her name is Aimi Eguchi.

Usually they only take their most popular members for videos and suddenly they allowed a newcomer to participate. That's when rumors started up, that Aimi is not a real person. There was a lot of discussion, because she even has a profile page on the band site and was part of a magazine photoshoot.

A few days ago, the truth was revealed: She is not real, but a digital composite of the facial features of some AKB48 members! Here's a making of:
This is CG! I'm really surprised how well they made her! O_O <3<3<3<3<3



  1. That's amazing! :O And clever!

  2. AHH about this haha, I heared about it too and I donnu I had expected things like this because when I saw her she looked to similar and already kind of to perfect for me haha

    poor guys who wished for a new member ;D
    I just wondr why they add more girls even if just 19 appear in their mv´s =___=

  3. o_O Was es nich alles gibt *lach* Wäre mir jetzt nicht aufgefallen..

  4. Oh wow that's kind of scary how real she looks, it's almost like Simone (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0258153/ ) but real!


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