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Shopping: What I bought in Japan: Last part / new commenting system

Hey princesses,
so this is finally my last post from what I bought in Japan. 
Yes, I know I bought soo much xD !!
Okay I hope you'll like this post, too. 

First I have some news for you. 
I installed a new comment system called Disqus. Now everyone can comment on my blog. 
That means you can comment if you're not registered to Blogger, too. 
I hope I get a lot of comments and I'll try my best to answer your questions ^^ <333

So enjoy this post <33333
 My orginal Jesus Diamante bag!! I bought it in Shinjuku in Jesus Diamante in Marui One ^^
 Awwww. My Anna Sui lipgloss <3<3 I love this brand <33 I it smells so good <333
 Minnie Couture sticker, I bought them in Ueno <333.
 My Ma*rs set. (It was my twin set with Diane). I bought it in Shibuya 109.  And a new Ma*rs catalog, it was free.
 Some beautiful underwear. Maybe it´s from Tutuanna or Body Focus.
 So cute sponge. We bought it in Harajuku, in Daiso, one the biggest 100 Yen shops in Tokyo. ^^
 This was a present from Diane. A pinku mobile phone.
 New parfum and mirror. I bought it in Shijuku in Donki.
 Cute Cardigan. I bought it in Akiba.
 Pink princess skirt from Tutuha. I bought it in Shibuya 109.
 Minnie Couture charm for bags. I bougth it in Ueno.
 La Pafait dress, necklace and bracelet. This dress was my dream dress from La Pafait. 

The bracelet was designed by Himena chan <33 sooo cute.
And finally Debuneko cat <33 soo cute!! We bought him in Harajuku <333 soo cute. 
And my twintails from Pricilla. I bought them in Shinjuku in Marui One (OIOI). 

Soo now you saw what I bought in Japan <33333
Look yesterday we took a super cute picture from Himena chan with her princess hat <3333 
Kawaii ~

Okay Bye Bye



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