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Kyaba Raku Award - Pt3 // Tokyo Tower // Meeting Shiena and Ashley again

Hello princesses,
this is my part 3 of the Kyaba Raku Award in Roppongi. Here are some more pictures:

Soo cute girls <33
After Himena's Hime show I had the chance to talk with her again ^----^v. That's so nice of her <3
 Himena changed into Ma*rs clothes ^----^. I bought the same Babydoll in Japan ^--------^. She also wore super cute shoes from Yumetenbo. Did you see the flower accessory in her hair? It's one of the presents from Laura. 

Me and Himena again *O* <333
Afterwards Kimi and me went to make some Purikura together *O* I miss her so much at the moment, looking at the pictures .... >.....<

We met himena again on the way to the Toyko Tower ^^
Honey picked me up shortly after the party. We thought the party would be ladies only, that's why he went around having fun in Roppongi taking photos in the meantime <333 

We proceeded together to the Tokyo tower to take some pictures and to see it in real life.
The tower looks so amazing at night *O*.
Amazing picture, right?? Honey took this awesome picture of the Tokyo Tower.

Honey and me together <33<3<33
Arriving back in Shinjuku, we met Shiena and Ashley again. They invited us earlier for another party, but we didn't make it because of the Kyaba Raku Award. We still met to say good bye.
And we want to take our last Purikura with them but the game center were closed T.........t... nooooo... 
So we just hung out a little bit and had so much fun.
I love Shiena and Ashley - they are super kind girls!! <33

Our last picture together before Ash went home. Look at this nice car *O*

Shiena and me in front of a Fish Theraphy "store". It looked really funny ^^

I love Shienas hair *O*!! I can´t wait to come back to Tokyo again. Then we'll meet more often and she can show me how she does such beautiful hair *O*

Listening to Shiena's music ^----^<3
Okay that was it from our 9th day ^------^... <33
Lots of Love 


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