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Shutting down blog // Our second day in Japan: Store Day [Guest blog]

.... NOT! Just kidding: April fools! :P

Hello readers :D

haha, this is me, Binh XD Did I surprise you? Of course the blog's not closing, this was just a joke on the first of April :P

I'll be doing a short guest post today, because I felt like doing it :P (Also, I couldn't miss this opportunity for an April Fools' joke :P AND: Alina fell asleep and she couldn't see what I'm doing XD)

Here it is:
Today's weather was much better than yesterday's. A little bit cold, but no rain!
The day started with a little bit strolling through Shinjuku. Man, I wish I had unlimited space in my stomach - so much awesome looking food, but at some time I couldn't eat more xD This is heaven and hell at the same time ;P

Well, back to things, which might interest you more: The was some Purikura taking, some shopping and some people meeting. The pictures will tell you the rest.
Before I forget: We met Jana, whose Bday was on the 1st! (this is no joke ;) ) and her friends.

Enjoy the picture madness! :)
Sweet honey, with Shinjuku as a backdrop

A castle on top of a karaoke building. Maybe you find Princess Peach on top.

KFC on the left! :P

A Lolita's paradise, I guess ^^

Angelic Pretty in LaForet

Takeshita Doori packed with people

Happy birthday, Jana!

About 100m behind this is 109MEN, yay!

The entrance to Gyaru-Heaven, Shibuya 109! Also, all kinds of funny signs I can't read xD

with MA*RS Tomomi

All Liz Lisa stores are perfumed with a, let's say interesting, perfume ^^

Liz Lisa staff

Left: Mango // Right: Matcha @ Starbucks Shibuya

THIS IS MADNESS ... Shibuya, Hachiko Crossing

Selfmade Okonomiyaki. I had one with cheese and mochi :3

Looks good! Mine looked like something exploded xD

Got Lucky with this on the first try :)

@ EggNam: They have a wall with heart-notes ^^

Some strange horse mask guys in front of the Hachiko statue ^^"

Have a nice day,

PS: If you haven't read the top: April's fools! :D
PSS: Comment on this ;D


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