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I met Ageha Models, Rina Sakurai and Himena @Kyaba Raku Award - Pt2

Hello princesses,

this is my part two from the Kyaba Raku Award. [Click here for part one]
It was so awesome there. The party started at 5pm and closed at 10pm. 
As I said, a lot of Ageha models were there. 
And I can say the were as beautiful in real life as they are in the Ageha.
Really *O*!!!
They all looked absolutely perfect.
And I took a lot of pictures for you ^----^v. 
Me and Kimi <3<3<3<3 ^---^v Both in Ma*rs <3

Rina Sakurai and Sayo Hayakawa were there as special guests^^

Wooaa I loved Rina  <-- check her blog style. She was so cute and walked in the fashion show. *I look soo bad in this picture >----< *
 And then I met Himena *O*!!
I was so so so so happy *O*!! As you all know I love her so much and she is my biggest idol ever *O*!!!!
She remembered me from last year and we could talk a lot with Kimi chans help *V* !!! Thanks again Kimi <3<3<3<33
I could give Himena my small present *O* <333 And a present from Laura-3.
Himena chan and me *O*

Rina Sakurai was talking a little bit as special guest ^^

And Sayo Hayakawa, too...

She was so pretty *O* <33 But she didn´t win the contest ;_;

Again Rina Sakurai and Sayo *O*

It was no problem to take a picture with them *O* <33<333
Kimi took also a lot of pictures. She is a big fan of Rina Sakurai ^...^ (kimi with her new hairstyle)

Sakurina and Sayo signing my autograph, I was soo damn happy *O*
The autograph hang on my wall *O*

She was so cute and a Himena fan,too. We talked a lot in english *O* <3333

A better picture with Gura and Guri *O*

She was also very cute Rina Ayukawa <-- check her blog (Ageha Model)

hozunyam <-- check her blog (Ageha Model, too)

I loved  her blog <--soo much *O* She is also a Ageha model (Cocoa Aiuchi)

Himena Ousaki *O*

Okay thats all for today <333
lots of Love


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