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7th Day in Japan: Sanrio Puroland Tokyo // Part 1

Hello princesses,

on the 7th day we visited Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo! It's kind of a Hello Kitty Land plus all the other characters from Sanrio (My Melody ***O****) <3<3<3333
Normal admission for adults is 4,400 Yen (about 44€), which allows you to visit all shows and attractions. 
Originally we wanted to go with Kimi, a Hime friend, but she had to work >__<
Inside they have a very created fantasy world, just like Disneyland, but it's difficult to describe, so here the pictures:
Today's coord:
Everything Jesus Diamante except my My Melody bag from Vivitix <3<3<33
I want that big Alpakasso ;O;
In front of Puroland entrance!

me with Hello Kitty Mimi, Hello Kitty's twin sister (thanks Mel)<3<333

A Jewel Pets shop! So many Jewel Pet items **O**

 After taking a look at everything, we entered the only attraction they have in Puroland: A boat tour. The rest of this amusement park are several shows. They even have a 3D One Piece show! <33<333
Here some pictures from the boat attraction:

XDDD I was sidetracked by Hello Kity XDD

My Melody ears *O*
 Then the Sanrio parade began:
Little Twin Stars! :3

Mocha, one of Cinnamoroll's friends <3<3

My Melody and Kurumi <3<333<333<3<3

Hello Kitty Princess <3

A photo with two cute Lolitas *O*

Another Lolita <3<3<333

The entrance to Hello Kitty's house <3

Hello Kitty has a couch in the entrance area <3
 Ok, this was it for the first part.
More in the next post!

See you,

PS: From Binh: If you are planning a trip to Puroland, here is a small hint how to save money: Buy the KEIO Amusement pass, which you can get at every KEIO ticket counter in Shinjuku. It's only 4,000 Yen, plus you get a free one-day-ticket for the KEIO line, which saves you probably another 600 Yen.


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