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8th day in Japan: Meeting Shiena and Ashley in Harajuku // new Hair extensions

Hello princesses,

on my 8th day I first met Shiena in Harajuku. It was a Saturday and so full >---<!!!
We both wore lolita *O*!!! I went out with my only Baby the Stars shine bright dress which I bought in Closet child. I´m so in love with this dress *O* Later I'll write a post of everything I bought in Japan ^---^v.
Ashley joined us later on, since she had her nails done ^----^v. 
Here are some of our pictures from that day*O* <333
Todays coord but without petty coat ;__;

I love melon pan <333

Me with the KERA model 紅林大空 *O* She also blogged my picture on her blog *_*<--- click

Takeshita doori <3

What happend to my hair?? O.o Paris kid's accessories ^^

A store with awesome costumes  *O* <3

Shiena and me <3

She is soo damn cute *O* <333 and I´m so tall with these shoes ;__;

After taking Purikura we went to a hairdresser for my new hair extensions. I was so nervous how they would look. I wanted longer hair with baby pink strands ^---^ 
I took one hour and only cost around 10000 yen *_* so cheap compared to the prices in Germany
Let´s see how long they hold ^---^ I think around 3 months ^---^<3<3

At the hairdresser. With my natural hair
Ashley and her present *O*

Ashley and Shiena waited for me *O*

I love them *O* <33333

Sooo cute: this little dog was in the hair salon, too *O*

After that we went to eat something small <333

I loved Shiena's hairmake *O* She did it by herself *O*

Ashley with a moustache so cute *O*

Moustache twins xD

 So that was all for today, I know a lot of pictures ^----^<3<3
I hope you like them ^^


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