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Kyary pamyu pamyu wonderland (concert)

Hello princesses,

How are you everyone?? I hope fine.
Today I will post a lot of pictures, because Ina, Nina, Cindy, Miriam, Amy, Marina, Brandon and I went to the Kyary PamyuPamyu concert in Cologne. I was so happy I got a ticket and see Kyary chan again. Maybe you remember, I saw her on the Japan Expo 2012.
For this awesome Event my friend Ina and I planed our first real Cult Party Kei outfit. I would like to hear what you think about the outfit, so that I can make it better and better.
We all went to a super cute small cafe in Cologne, which Ina found for us called ''le pom pom''. It has awesome princess decoration like a couch with a small tea table so cute. I can really recommend this cafe. The cupcakes are super delicious and cheap to, it has as I said an awesome princess ambiente perfect for pictures, and the service is super friendly.
Ina and I ready for the concert  :3

Cindy´s and my cupcake, we are the pink lovers *^* <3<3<3<3<3
The whole group <3<3<3<3<3<3
I, Cindy and Nina <3<3<3 Love you guys <3<3<3<3<3
The mameshiba Kyary Pamyu  Pamyu group, Amy, Miri and I <3
We arrived at around 6:30 at the Gloria Theatre, where the concert was. A half hour before we were allowed to go in. When we arrived I met a lot of friends <3 Unfortunately I didn´t take a picture with everyone. I think we still had a really nice place and could see Kyary really good (I can say thank you that I wear plateau shoes, so I was a lot taller xD) . In the middle of the concert we also got pushed into the third line xD.
Cute Riina and I <3
the waiting line .......
Inside the concert our group split, so that everyone got a good view.
 And here we go Kyary on the stage~~~~~~
she was speaking german to us. seriously super cute *_*
Kyary changed her outfit 3 times, and in the waiting time, this bunny came to entertain us xD
After the concert, I also met the cute lisa Ring aka Nekonyapii. She is one of my inspirations and I was so happy to meet her in person. You should check out her Youtube chanel. I always watch all her videos. She is super super cute.

Here is a small preview video from the concert:

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic


Today's Cult party kei outfit

Hat:self made by me
Dress: Princess Melody
Pregnoir, tights:  Ebay
Button: Handymade by Inadoll
Shoes: Bodyline
Socks: Fan present *^*
Bag: My Melody (Bag charm: mameshiba Kyary Pamyu  Pamyu)

Today's twin dark and light side....

The location was a little out of place (at the platform in the central station), but we wanted to make pictures together in our dark and light cult party kei outfit

I love u!
I´m really really thankful for all your comments lately, I just wanted to say that.
Every comment makes me smile :D
So if you want to, please write a comment under my blogpost <3



Lolita easter picknick: Cherry blossoms & lolitas

Hello princesses,

How are you everyone? I hope you are alright and that you all had a nice easter with your beloved ones.
Today I want to share an awesome Lolita meetup with you, which I was at. I can´t belive I was for more than a year not on a Lolita meet up, for some private reasons. But this year I promised my friends and myself to wear more Lolita fashion or Lolita inspired fashion. And I really enjoyed it, to wear a Lolita inspired outfit! Now back to the day: We had luck and it was really warm that day, so we didn't really need a coat and it wasn´t raining. It was just a little windy, but we could handle that easily. We all went together to the Northpark in Düsseldorf and had a small picnic. We were a group with around 21 persons. During the picnic we split all in small groups and took photos /small shootings together or of our outfits.
I took also some pictures for you guys some ''behind the shooting scenes'' and of course some selfies xD with my iPhone.
I hope you enjoy the picture spam xD And yes you see right I´m blonde again... But it´s just my halfwigs from Prisila+ the matching bang from Prisila ^^.
Ina was so nice and held the small reflector <3 So the pictures can turn out better. Isn´t she cuttteeeee?? She is such a QTPIE!!!!
Here some "behind the scenes" photoshooting time xD
Nindy (Cindy+ Nina)<3<3<3<3<3
Nadine and me. She dressed perfect for easter as a bunny <3
Cindy and I. We are the pinklovers <3
My cutie May and I <3<3<3 I´m always so happy when I see her.

Laura and I at the central station <3
During the picnic we ate just some snacks so we were kinda hungry and decided to go with a small group to our favorite chinese restaurant in Dschunke.

We took some random pics there. After that Ina, Laura and I decided to change our outfit in a more comfortable one ^^.

Derp picture of Ina, me and Sandra at Dschunke  x''DDD

After we changed we looked like that <3 Sandra said we kinda look like sisters xD

Today's shooting pictures 

I have to thank so much to the two photographers who did these awesome following pictures *^*

Photographer: Laura KossingPhotography***Click to enlarge the pictures***

Photographer: Joey Rottenmeier ***Click to enlarge the pictures***

Together with Joey. She looks absolutely stunning and like a pastel cloud !!! *^*
That´s it for today, I hope you liked this post.
Please write me a comment under this post if you want. I would be really,really happy to read your thoughts about it.



More normal style??

Hello princesses,

As some of you realize the fashion trend in Tokyo for Gal is more ''natural beauty'' at the moment.
It´s been like this for a while now. First I thought its just a trend but it seems that there is more behind it.
In almost every magazine you will see flat hair (the most still in bright colors like light brown or brown but also sometimes black), shorter lashes and less make up. Also the outfits are less special or outstanding. But also some of my friends who live in Tokyo told me on the streets it´s nearly the same. There are still some ''overdressed'' people but the most of them are just casual... So, I dont want to judge or anything before I tried it out for myself...
I still use a lot of makeup but I toned my clothes and hair down quite a lot now.
Here are some outfits from me, who were more toned down.

Today's outfit

Cardigan: Princess Melody
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: La Pafait

Today's outfit

Cardigan, Dress: Princess Melody

Today's outfit

Cardigan: Princess Melody
Babydoll, Necklace: Ma*rs
Shoes: Guess

Today's outfit

Necklace: Primark
Skirt& Blouse: H&M***inspired by my beautiful friend Yuki *^* she has the Same Skirt and a Similar blouse****
Shoes: Jumex

Today's outfit

 This, Outfit was my Himena inspired one, and not so much toned down. But I anyway wanted to post it ^^''
Blouse: Gina Tricot
Skirt: H&M
Hairbow: Ma*rs

What do you think of it?? I have different feelings and thoughts about it.
The positive aspect is definately that, I still get stared at but a lot less.The same with the comments. I still get some, though xD. It seems like the people can live better with this style here in Germany I think it´s the same in Japan.
It´s also nice from time to time to dress more casual if you dont feel so good one day, and its less work for me in the morning. . .
BUT it´s nothing I would do all the time. I really miss the years of 2009-2011. The style back then was awesome! It was absolutely stunning! Where is the big hair ? the flashy outfits? My inspiration? For me if the style is always toned down  it´s a bit too boring. This is just my private opinion about it. From time to time I need a flashy outfit or I feel too boring xD.
But well, if we go now to a Japanese or Asian girl, who dresses in the more new NeoGal style, She still looks different when she styles herself in NeoGal. She still puts make up on to enlarge her eyes (circle lens and lighter lashes). For a western person that doesnt  work in such a big effect. We already have longer lashes and bigger eyes. So you don´t see as much difference. Maybe you understand what Im trying to say?
That I think also a reason why the most western persons are not such a big fan from the new trend.
We will see if the old trend comes back one day.. I really hope so.
What do you think about it?



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