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Lolita easter picknick: Cherry blossoms & lolitas

Hello princesses,

How are you everyone? I hope you are alright and that you all had a nice easter with your beloved ones.
Today I want to share an awesome Lolita meetup with you, which I was at. I can´t belive I was for more than a year not on a Lolita meet up, for some private reasons. But this year I promised my friends and myself to wear more Lolita fashion or Lolita inspired fashion. And I really enjoyed it, to wear a Lolita inspired outfit! Now back to the day: We had luck and it was really warm that day, so we didn't really need a coat and it wasn´t raining. It was just a little windy, but we could handle that easily. We all went together to the Northpark in Düsseldorf and had a small picnic. We were a group with around 21 persons. During the picnic we split all in small groups and took photos /small shootings together or of our outfits.
I took also some pictures for you guys some ''behind the shooting scenes'' and of course some selfies xD with my iPhone.
I hope you enjoy the picture spam xD And yes you see right I´m blonde again... But it´s just my halfwigs from Prisila+ the matching bang from Prisila ^^.
Ina was so nice and held the small reflector <3 So the pictures can turn out better. Isn´t she cuttteeeee?? She is such a QTPIE!!!!
Here some "behind the scenes" photoshooting time xD
Nindy (Cindy+ Nina)<3<3<3<3<3
Nadine and me. She dressed perfect for easter as a bunny <3
Cindy and I. We are the pinklovers <3
My cutie May and I <3<3<3 I´m always so happy when I see her.

Laura and I at the central station <3
During the picnic we ate just some snacks so we were kinda hungry and decided to go with a small group to our favorite chinese restaurant in Dschunke.

We took some random pics there. After that Ina, Laura and I decided to change our outfit in a more comfortable one ^^.

Derp picture of Ina, me and Sandra at Dschunke  x''DDD

After we changed we looked like that <3 Sandra said we kinda look like sisters xD

Today's shooting pictures 

I have to thank so much to the two photographers who did these awesome following pictures *^*

Photographer: Laura KossingPhotography***Click to enlarge the pictures***

Photographer: Joey Rottenmeier ***Click to enlarge the pictures***

Together with Joey. She looks absolutely stunning and like a pastel cloud !!! *^*
That´s it for today, I hope you liked this post.
Please write me a comment under this post if you want. I would be really,really happy to read your thoughts about it.




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