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When a Magical girl flies...

Hello princesses,

It´s time again for another random post. This weekend was the Harajuku walk in Düsseldorf.
And because Sutewi, Ruiza, Ina, Laura and I had anyway a meet on that weekend, we watched the harajuku walk a Little bit (at the central station). We saw some nice looking people there. Unfortunately I didn´t take any pics @.@
Well, as I said we had a small meet so we went together to the ''new'' Bubble tea (Sphere Bay), which had a cute Maid-event.  I was really glad to see some of the cute Maids *^*, especially my friends May and Riina <3<3<3<3After that we also went to our favorite cafe Tenten and shop a bit through Düsseldorf  ^^.
This time we took some random pictures together ^.^... and because, this weekend was the Harajuku walk we decided to dress a little bit more ''Harajuju style'', also when we didn´t join the walk. It was just for fun! And we had a lot together, right?
It was the first time I decided to go a little bit into ''cult Party kei''. I really like to try from time to time new styles out ^^. well, here you can see more...
With the cute Maid May and Laura <3<3<3<3
xD Flying Sui?
Our small group: Ruizia, me, Ina and Sutewi <3<3<3
After Ina changed her outfit into a more comfortable one, our outfits matches perfect together. We looked like a ''light'' and a ''dark'' version of something ^~^ <3<3<3<3

Today's ''Magical girl''Cult party kei inspired outfit

Dress: Princess Melody
Pregnoir: Liz Lisa
Button: Made by InaDoll
Tights: Ebay (shop:a-little-bite)
Shoes: Bodyline
Roses for the hair: Tedi
***Ruizia made me this awesome hair, I love it so much, what do you think about it??***

So, what do you think of my outfit? Do you like it? It was weird for me to wear something like that but I liked it. I just needed a bit time to get use to it x''''D!
That´s all for today. Please leave me a comment under this post And Tell me what you think <3



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