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Kyary pamyu pamyu wonderland (concert)

Hello princesses,

How are you everyone?? I hope fine.
Today I will post a lot of pictures, because Ina, Nina, Cindy, Miriam, Amy, Marina, Brandon and I went to the Kyary PamyuPamyu concert in Cologne. I was so happy I got a ticket and see Kyary chan again. Maybe you remember, I saw her on the Japan Expo 2012.
For this awesome Event my friend Ina and I planed our first real Cult Party Kei outfit. I would like to hear what you think about the outfit, so that I can make it better and better.
We all went to a super cute small cafe in Cologne, which Ina found for us called ''le pom pom''. It has awesome princess decoration like a couch with a small tea table so cute. I can really recommend this cafe. The cupcakes are super delicious and cheap to, it has as I said an awesome princess ambiente perfect for pictures, and the service is super friendly.
Ina and I ready for the concert  :3

Cindy´s and my cupcake, we are the pink lovers *^* <3<3<3<3<3
The whole group <3<3<3<3<3<3
I, Cindy and Nina <3<3<3 Love you guys <3<3<3<3<3
The mameshiba Kyary Pamyu  Pamyu group, Amy, Miri and I <3
We arrived at around 6:30 at the Gloria Theatre, where the concert was. A half hour before we were allowed to go in. When we arrived I met a lot of friends <3 Unfortunately I didn´t take a picture with everyone. I think we still had a really nice place and could see Kyary really good (I can say thank you that I wear plateau shoes, so I was a lot taller xD) . In the middle of the concert we also got pushed into the third line xD.
Cute Riina and I <3
the waiting line .......
Inside the concert our group split, so that everyone got a good view.
 And here we go Kyary on the stage~~~~~~
she was speaking german to us. seriously super cute *_*
Kyary changed her outfit 3 times, and in the waiting time, this bunny came to entertain us xD
After the concert, I also met the cute lisa Ring aka Nekonyapii. She is one of my inspirations and I was so happy to meet her in person. You should check out her Youtube chanel. I always watch all her videos. She is super super cute.

Here is a small preview video from the concert:

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic


Today's Cult party kei outfit

Hat:self made by me
Dress: Princess Melody
Pregnoir, tights:  Ebay
Button: Handymade by Inadoll
Shoes: Bodyline
Socks: Fan present *^*
Bag: My Melody (Bag charm: mameshiba Kyary Pamyu  Pamyu)

Today's twin dark and light side....

The location was a little out of place (at the platform in the central station), but we wanted to make pictures together in our dark and light cult party kei outfit

I love u!
I´m really really thankful for all your comments lately, I just wanted to say that.
Every comment makes me smile :D
So if you want to, please write a comment under my blogpost <3




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