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Yes, we are adicted to Primark~ my hall

Hello princesses,

In the past weeks, my friend Ina and I always went to Primark in Düsseldorf (and yeah we always found something x'''D)
For the ones who didn´t know it yes, we have finally in Düsseldorf a Primark.  It´s directly at the shopping mile; 40211 Düsseldorf, Shadowstraß2 56.
Do you know Primark already? Well, it is a big fashion store with cheap prices. And they have a lot of stores around the world. You can find there really cheap but nice clothes. You should really try it out if you have a store close to you. I want to show you my Primark hall from the last two times I was there with Ina ^^. I think all the items are still available <3.
Ina and I inside Primark Düssedlorf <3<3<3<3<3<3

Primark hall~

Item: Pink Lipstick
Price: 1,50 Euro
I really like the color on my lips, I thought it is a lot lighter and was really suprised how dark it actually was! But that is nice!! It also smells really good *^* I´m completly happy with it!!!!

Item: Blue/white Coat
Price: 27 Euro
I was thinking for a while if I should buy this coat. Because I thought 27 Euro is for Primark  a lot. Usually the stuff is cheaper. But seriously if I buy a coat like that from another ''mainstream'' brand it will cost around 39,90 Euro. So it´s still cheaper. 
I´m happy how it looks on me and the quality is totally ok (for what I can say right now). And I needed a coat which is not so thick ^...^v. Spring is comming ...


Item: Pink sunglasses
Price: 1,50 Euro
I always wanted big/pink sunglass and then here we go I found one. 
To be honest it´s more an acessory and didn´t protect my eyes a lot from the sun. But I think it looks good :P

Item: Denim Polka dot blouse
Price: 15 Eur
I´m so so so in love with this blouse. It´s just super super cute! I saw it and fell in love. 
It´s kinda short but that makes it even more cuter. It remind me a little of the japanese brand ''Onespo''(just a little though). The price is ok and quality too^^. 
I can´t wait to wear it :D

 Item: 6 piece ring set
Price: 2,50 Euro
I really like that ring set, especially the little crown ring. I think they look super cute worn. And I was looking for a long time for nice/cheaper rings :D

Item: simple black Blazer
Prize: 13 Euro
The quality for this Blazer is really good and I think it´s perfect for the comming spring. I was looking for a blazer for a while but 30 Euro was a bit too much in my eyes. 
You see there is also a pink strap in the inside, perfect for me. And I also really like the button, it´s a small anchor. ^^

worn it here in this post, the outfit : Business Lady

Item:heart tights
Price:3 Euro
Aren´t they cute?? I´m so in love with these heart tights. And suprisingly they didn´t ripp after I wore them Oo. Usually I ripp all my tights after one time <.<.. It´s basicly because of my long nails.

Item: Strawberry scarf
Price: 5 Euro
From time to time I really like a thin scarf. And I really liked that strawberry design. *1*
The quality is like every of my other thin scarf ^^. Normal, and until now I have no loose threads in the scarf :D
Sorry, I had kinda red eyes here, because of a small infection >.<

Today's ''Teatime ''outfit~

Dress + Hairbow+ Necklace: Ma*rs
Tights: offbrand
Shoes: small, store in Shinjuku

The hairstyle :D

That´s it for thoday Pincesses <3 thank you for reading and maybe you want to write me a comment under my post, that would make me really happy<3<3<3




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