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My dad visit my and my Princessroom

Hey princesses,
yesterday we went to IKEA to buy a new shelf for my shoes and a hanging rail for my clothes ^^ <3<3<3
They look very good in my princess room. 
Ohhh.... of course, you don't know my room... yet
I made some pictures for you and a short video ^^ 

The video : *ohhh noooo  my voice, so horrible ;__;*

Today my dad and his girlfriend Alex went to us. 
It was a very funny day, but I couldn't see my honey Maren ;_____;!
I totally forgot, that my dad wanted to visit me today ;___;!! So  Maren and me have to meet up next week. 
Then I'll buy her ice cream, sorrrryy ;_;.
We baked a hello kitty cake for our visitors ^---^<333 *yummy*
Okay my outfit today. simple ^^

Bye Bye 



  1. oh yeah das Kleiderschrank-Bild <33333
    das mit dem Schuh-Regal ist ne gute Idee, da hat man alle Babys im Blick <3
    meine stapeln sich auch momentan auf dem Boden xD

  2. omg so toll *O*
    die schuhe und die klamotten *O* wuhu
    wieso is das vid so kurz?;_; schade....
    Dein outfit is toll *O*

  3. Oh your princess room is so cute it would make Himena proud! Your simple outfit compared to my idea of simple outfits is so different XD

  4. I want your room! Especially with all your clothing and stuffs! So jealous xD

  5. OMG! your room is amazing!! so pretty and pink!!
    i'm so jealous!!! himena would love this!! <3

  6. Yeah, ich frage mich doch immer wieder wie du Binh dazu bekommst in DEM Zimmer zu schlafen! XD
    Mein Freund würde da Rückwärts wieder raus rennen!!
    Aber Geil!! *__*

  7. @candyheart: vielen dank süße <3<3<3meine lagen davvor auch auf dem boden xDDDund das billy real kostet nur 38 euro.
    @suzu: mein handy hatte keinen speicher mehr xDDDDund is ausgegangen darum so kurz lool
    @SARA MARI :awwwwwwwwwwwww. thankks <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
    @blackkoi: thhannkks so much <3<3<33
    @himegyarugeisha: ahh my looveee <33 thanks <3333
    @Mirella: XDDDDDDD

  8. I love your room! So cute!

    I love your simple outfit. You always have the cutest outfits and look so gorgeous!

  9. im totally in love with ur room *_*
    so hime

  10. zimmer = Liebe <3<3<3<3<3 so süß *__*

  11. @bouncybrown: thanks for your compliment ^^<3333
    @japanese wife: thanks beautiful lolita <3
    @Alice: Awww du magst es !!! nicht zu unordentlich xDD


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