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My Name is Sui Princess♡ aka. black-sui.
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I love japanese fashion especially with Swankiss ꒰๑❛▿❛ ॢ̩꒱.
I am in love with my husband he is from America, he seriously is the best in my whole life *Dream mode on*
My idols are
♡Saaya♡,♡Mimi♡,♡Hikapu♡ and ♡Suzunyan(◌ॢ•ω•◌ॢ).
This blog is about my life, fashion and other things which interest me.
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My sweet Kittys and new Nails

Hello princesses,
today nothing interesting happend xD !!!!
I hope you really enjoy the sun in the next days, because on Sunday it's going to be colder ;___;!!
I'll meet all my friends on Saturday and on Thursday a good old friend comes to me an Binh. 
Thursday fternoon I meet Maren !!!yeahhh!!! That's going to be great ^^.

Okay today I made myself new nails. I decided to make them leopard and pink ^^ 

I made them by myself ^^ Do you like them???

Ohh and here look a cuuuttttteee video of my cats!!! So cutie!!! They hug each other<3333333

Bye Bye cuties <3<3<3

P.S: new beautiful Himena (pics from himenas blog)


  1. deine katzen sind so süß <3
    und die nägel schauen auch toll aus :D

  2. Himena, so gorgoeous♥. I want her clip-on ext so much *__*


  3. Wowie, you made those nails? o_O Amazing! :D

  4. @Jennyfer: viiiieelllen Dank <333
    @Nancy: <3<3<3<3<3
    @Kayono: thanks sooo soo much !!!
    @black koi: I want them too ;----;
    @ Alexandriaweb: thanks ^^ the both are very happy about you lovely comment
    @MOON: thanks <333
    @Lizzie: yes, I made them xDDD!!! Thanks sooo much <3<3<3 cutie

  5. Echt schöner Blog ;-)

    Und die Fotos sind der oberhamma.

  6. Your nails are lovely <3 ^^
    Aww your cats are so cuteeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  7. Meine Katzen liegen auch immer so engumschlungen beieinander <3 Katzenliebe! <3<3

    Deine Nägel sind übrigens der Hammer! *_*

  8. @Dimitri: vielennn dank ^^
    @ FernLi: thankss sooooo much !!!!!
    Yes, they are <3<3
    @Komachi: xDDD voll toll, schick mir mal ein foto ^^^
    vielen dank süße .


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