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long post, meeting with sabi chan and other friends

Hello my princesses ^^ 
Today I met a very good friend of mine, Sabi chan. I know her for more about 5 years <3<3.
And we haven't seen each other a long long time !! 
But today we met each other in Düsseldorf with Binh and other friends from her !!!
I was so happy to see her! 
We wanted to do a little bit shopping (what I bought later). 
First we made some puris and met Laura aand Jessy in OCS! 
Here a few Puris:
And here some photos from OCS!!we had a lot of fun XDDD
                                                           Laura honey <33and Jessy sweet <3<3
                                                         me in front of the Purimachine
                                                         Me and Sabichan <3<3<3 so cute!!

Awwwww.. a picture with japanese school girls!!so  so sweet, and they said to me: Kawaiiko(sweet girl)
                              After that Jessy and Laura went home ! 

Then Sabi, Binh, Dimitri and Daniel went shopping xD!!! We went to H&M, New Yorker, Kims asia market (for Fits gum !!!!)
Here some funny shopping pictures <3333
                                                     The Honey Bee group xDDD
                                                           Giant Pockys ;____; want them !!!
                                                               Sabichans new dress
This lips phone is awesome!!! Look in the Agha from April, Satomi has some pctures with such an phone!!!! I like that pic so much

 After a while my feet hurt so much in these shoes ;___;!!! So I bought myself some ballerinas xDDDD

 And then we ate some ice cream <3333<333 I really love ice cream *-*

Okay at last my shopping items XDDD and my Outfit for you <3
                                                    An old Popteen from Feb.
                                        Fits gum!!! I really plan to dance the Fits video for you xDD
                                             cute drink <33333
                                               yeahh japanese beer for Binh and me
                                                    This beautiful Charmy Kitty phone strap, was in sale
                                    cute postcard for my princess room and cute stickers

Okay enough for today, sorry for soooo many pics xDDDDD


  1. Wow deine Haare sind echt toll ♥
    Ich bin echt neidisch auf euren Puriautomaten. Möcht auch wieder einen hier haben ;_;

  2. Ich mag dein Outfit! Das sieht echt toll aus! und deine Haare sind immer so schön! *_*
    Du bist wirklich ne Hübsche! :D

  3. You are just too cute!! I always love your outfits. ^__^

  4. Too cute!!!!!! White looks spectacular on you!!!! *o*
    You girls rock in the purikuras!!! Love it!! *o*

  5. So cute! Did you change your eyelashes recently :)? You look absolutely gorgeous :D


  6. The bumblebee t-shirts are adorable :D

  7. @Riya:Ohhh nein habt ihr keinen ?? woher kommst du denn?? das ist wirklich schade!! aber wenn du dir ein iPhone holst kannst du eigene Puris machen, mein Plan für Mai xDDD
    @Yaya + Meri : Awwwww, vielen vielen Dank für das liebe Kompliment !!! ^---^
    @Tricia Isabela : Awww honey, I reaaallllyy love your outfits, too <3<3<3<3 you are so amazing, you shoud be model!!
    @Nenacho: Awwww thanks sweetttttyyyy!!!!!!! I want to make some puris with you ,one day!
    blackkoi: Hey pretty hime, yes I used Dollywink(upper) and (lower)Diamant lases ^^


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