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Day with my sis

Hello Princesses ,
today was a very funny day XD!!!! I met my sis in Düsseldorf central station at 3:15 pm. We had a looooot of fun. 
My younger sis Maddy really loves to take purikura, so we took purikura ^^ <3<3<3

It was so funny xDDDD !!!
Then my sweet sis wanted to go to Takumi, because she never eats japanese foods ^^ <3<3<3 She is so cute !!!And not so a Japan freak like me XD!! She is the "normal" girl in our family xDDDDDDD!!!

She ate Karaage and loves it ^^  
And we went shopping, noo XDD I'm broke xDD !!! So we tried only clothes on and made photos !!
I know we are stupid girls xDD !!!! But we had  a lot of fun !!!
Some pics for u

                            XD my sis said we look like God or Jesus with this Poncho !!

After that we needed energy and went to McDonalds for ice cream with Karl (the Alpacca xD) 
My Outfit today :
                                                   with my new earphones, you remember them??
Okay Bye Bye



  1. dein outfit is süß.
    und tolle puris *O*
    ich will auch puris mit dir ;__;

  2. @ suzu: und ich erst !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Noo. Bigger bedeutet, dass sie dicker is wie du XD
    Die dresses sind echt süß. Das rosane gefällt mir am meisten :3

  4. Nice outfit~
    It seems like you had a wonderful time! ^^
    It would be good if the Liz Lisa dress isn't fake~ :P That's why I don't want to buy on the internet! But if it is fake, then it still should look good! ^^

  5. Where did you buy the dress from? I recently bought a fake MA*RS dress. I was a little disappointed. It looks nice on, but close up I can see how things are just not good quality and it's a horrible feeling to know you got ripped off (;n;).

  6. Boah dein Hut auf den Puris <3 will ihn heiraten. So schön *__* *Hutfreak*

  7. süße bilder :) du bist echt so hüübsch!!

  8. u're both lovely)
    ur outfits always make a big empress to me

  9. Das Outfit ist liebe <3 freu mich aufs Weekend ;)

  10. @KitaiFi: dankkke maus, ich hab es geändert xDDD bigger is sie nicht lol !!
    @FernLi: thannkks <33<3<333
    @Strawberry Cupcake: I bought it with the help from Clega from the Ma*rs shop ^^the mars quality is ok ^^ <33<333
    @Mia: er will dich auch heiraten, aber ich were Trauzeugin xDDDDD
    @みえーちゃん vielllen dank süße <3<3<3<3
    @thanks so much <3<<<3<3 my little sis and me very happy about that lovely coment ^^
    @Alice: und ich erst <<3<3<3


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