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Sunny day with my darling / Hime Gyaru crafting

Hello princesses, 
omg, today was so warm!!! Love !!! I'm so happy spring is here and summer is coming <3<3<3<3<3
I met my honey today on cologne central station <3<3<3 
We wanted to take a walk and buy new tights for me.
I found rose tights in Tally Weijl. 
And a lipgloss from Rossmann as well as this pink purse and UHU glue <3<3<3
I decided to decorate the purse <3<3<3<3 now it's a hime purse *_*!!!!!!

Okay in the last few days a lot of items have arrived at my home :3. Now I want to show you them ^^ 

                          Chocomint poodle bag and poodle ring. I reallllyyyy love poodles !!!!!
Look this cutie cutie cutie cutie poodle I saw in Cologne DuMont Carree.  And this funny chicken on a bike

                                                    My Lady Gaga Bracelet: "pray for japan"

                                              Tenso stuff for decorating <3<3<3<3<3

              My new super cute Liz Lisa dress !! I Love, Love, Love it *-*. And I think it´s no fake

Here my outfit, of course my new dress ^^ <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Ohhhh yeahhh I lost a little bit weight !!!!! That made my day !!! <3<3 *yeahh* !!! 

Okay Bye Bye 
cutieeess <33<3<3<3<3<3 




  1. Wow! dein geldbeutel sieht richtig toll aus!
    und dein neues kleid ist auch super süß <3

  2. @jennifer:vielen dank. ich dachte sieht was besser aus und passt zu mir xDDDDD.
    Vielen dank süße <333

  3. Omigawsh you are gorgeous! One of the prettiest Gyarus I know ^^
    I really am in love with your dress and your purse! <3

  4. Love that dress xP
    You look so gorgeous as always :)


  5. ai <3 das kleid steht dir so unglaublich gut !!!

  6. Your purse is so beautiful.

    You look gorgeous when you smile, you should smile more often! :D

  7. awesome purse,dear =**
    and can u give me a link to the shop where u bought deco stuff?plz)

  8. waaah der geldbeutel is ja so geil !!!
    ich will auch so einen ;__; so süß !!!!
    und das kleid ist so verdammt süß- ich freu mich das du es doch bekommen hast und es ist dazu auch noch kein fake !!!
    Das kleid steht dir so gut. du hast echt ne tolle figur *O* *neid*
    so hübsch x3

    vermiss dich süße ;__;
    lass uns mal telen !

  9. Very,very beautiful dress!
    You look very cute!

  10. @all: many many many thanks for your lovely comments <3<3 <3<3
    @japanese wife:
    of course. I bought it with tenso.com (shopping service xD.
    And I bought the deco from:

  11. wow, i love your hime crafts work =)
    and you blog ^^

  12. love the liz liza stuff
    i only can buy liz liza handbag from on9
    no dress or other stuff from liz liza
    always dreaming to wear a liz liza dress

    dear ...u look so cute
    gyaru style suit and nice for u


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