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Hime-Gyaru cute item crafting

Hello princesses, 
How are you ??? I'm fine ^-----^<3<3<3<3<3 
Today I decided to decorate more of my items. 
I really love to decorate things *_* !!! You have already seen some examples of items I have decorated. 
My mobile phone and my chocolate mirror and my My Melody purse ^--^, do you remember?? ^^

Look girls, I bought this hat from Tally Weijl for 10 Euro. 
I really love those hats <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 

It´s really Gyaru-ish xD !!!

 Here is my result, the Hime Gyaru Hat *-* 

Do you like it???? 
In the next days I plan to decorate more items for example my hairbrush and my white sun hat.
Tomorrow I will meet my younger sister Maddy in Düsseldorf. There we'll take some puris and eat together and naturally, shopping XDD!!!!

After that I visit my parents. I'm so happy!!!!
And on Thursday I plan to meet my friend Maren in Cologne, we are going to buy extensions for her <3<3<3
Okay here is my outfit for today:

See you cuties <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
Oh yeah here are some purikura from Saturday, my friends loaded them up ^^

Bye Bye SuiPrincess <3<3<3


P.S: New pics from Himena chan, sooo cute (from her blog)<3<3<3


  1. OMG Love what you did with this hat !! I think I have to take this as an inspiration for other accessoires ! :3

    Ew..Kitai..bin ausversehen noch hiermit eingeloggt D: ( grade beim code eingeben gemerkt XD )

  2. The hat looks so good with the flowers attached, and I like your outfit with the blue color!

  3. Beautiful work decorating the hat! :) I love your lolita purikura! :D

  4. love how you decorated your hat!

  5. lovely! :) i love himena chan too she's so cute!

  6. You have made that hat 10 times better ! Really, I love how it turned *-*
    I also love to decorate things but I think I have lack of imagination xD
    I would really like to see more posts like this. Maybe I can get some ideas and inspiration ^^
    Oh, and you look adorable in Lolita too ^^

  7. i like the way u decorated ur hat *O*

  8. wenn du so weiter machst dann nehme ich bestellungen bei dir auf :D :D

  9. OMG!!!!!!!!! I need that hat!!!!! It's wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! *o*

  10. aww der ut is so süß
    und die bilder von euch auch *O*

  11. @KitaiFi : awww danke süße !!! oh nen Hime ccount !!! yeahhhh so ists richtig ^^
    @SARA MARI : thaanks so much !! you are always so lovely to me <33333
    @bouncybrown : thankss so much honey ^^
    @Lu: really?? thanks that makes me relly happy <3<3<3<3
    @Maiko Sato: Yes, she is the cutest girl on this planet *-* !!! thanks
    @くろ猫 miaaw*: Awww thnk you soo soo much <3<3<3
    yes, I will post more like that ^^
    @Japanese wife : thanks cutie <3<3<3
    @Alice : gerne lool!!!!! dann schreib ich aber noch drauf für clint aus strass xDDD
    @Nenacho☆: Thanks so much honey <3<3<3<3 I can maybe make some for u ^^
    @Suzu: vielen dank meine süße <3<3<3


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