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My last Saturday

At first I wish you all happy eastern <3<3<3<3<3<33
I hope you have all funny holidays with your family <3<3<3<3 
Ok now I want to tell from my Saturday. 
Sascha met us again. We were very happy about that. He arrived friday night. ^^ 

So the next day we went to düsseldorf. It was very funny and I really enjoyed the sun !!!!
Okay we took some Purikura ^^ 

                                             Binh and Sascha decorated some of them ^^

Here our pictures from Saturday
                              I really like this pic from Sascha <3 *_* !! I  saw him as my big brother ^^

And here look, Sascha has some new circle lenses in green *_*! I really like them. They look so natural ^^

After that we went to Takumi. Originally we wanted to go to Don. I never ate there before and I really wanted to check it out. But it was closed :___; . So we went to my favorite restaurant ever: TAKUMI <3<3<3<3<3<3
Here our food. 
Sascha paid all for us *____* !!!! thanks soo much brother <3<3<3<3<3<3
                                                                         Saschas food
                                                          Binh and my food* we ate the same* 

Then Sascha wanted to go shopping!!!  Yes,  it was Saschas idea, not mine XDDD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Evil Sascha xDDD !!!! My poor purse ;____;
I bought some tops for summer. Sascha bought some T-shirt in grey. I think grey suits Sascha very good. 

Shopping was so exhausting, to took some power we needed this <3

Soooo~ after this we went to Dormagen. A friend from me and Binh had a birthday party! 
It was very funny <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 
Some pics: 

Okay here my Outfit: 

By the way, this it the hairstyle from my tutorial voting nr. 3, with my real hair. Check out the voting if you haven't yet: Tutorial Poll

Okay Byeeee cuties~


P.s my new Ageha arrived  yesterday *____* 


  1. ahh yes, shopping suggestions are often evil for a wallet, lol. I was guilty of that this weekend as well! xD

    I'd love to see that hairstyle in a tutorial!! or really, you do everything hair style so well I'd love to see any in a tutorial :]

  2. wow you pulled off your outfit so well!!! you are always glamorous ^____^ love this post so much~!congrats btw on GGA!!

  3. Wow~ your hair and outfit is so pretty!!! ^^

    omg the food looks so yummy! *-*

  4. wooow you outfit and you hair always perfect ..........!!! <3 .....................

  5. Sooo schön :) Würd dich so gern mal treffen <3

  6. love the outfit! you look very pretty! :] and it seems like you guys had a lot of fun! ^+^ ~ ooh delicious food! D: <3


  7. that's one of my fav. outfits that you worn since i read your blog. :)
    wow, the food looks very delicious. every time when my friends and i go to düsseldorf, we always try to eat somewhere, but still we don't have any time for it.. or money. shopping and purikuras are so expensive.. xD

  8. wow süße du siehst so gut aus !!! ;__; ich will dich auch das jahr endlich treffen :(

  9. @all: Thanks so much for you lovely comments ^^.
    I´m soo happy about them ;____; !!!!!!!

    @LicVici: ich dich auch sehr gerne ^^
    @tsuki: yes, it´s soooo expensive !!!!!


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