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Photoshooting with my girls: Behind the scenes

Hello princesses,
today was such a funny day!!! It was Awe... wait for it... some <3<3<3<3<3<3 *__* !!!!
We rented a photostudio, in Troisdorf, and took soo many beautiful and random photos <3<3<3<3.
We had soo much fun !!! 
I love all the outfits and pictures <3<3<3.
All my girls looked soo good!!
But we shooted 8 hours ToT. Now I´m so tired. 
Here is a post about "behind the scenes" ^------^. 

completely edited photos will follow soon ^^

 Me in Maren´s Cherry Berry Bunny <3<3<3 I really love this Lolita dress <3<3<3<3 *O*
Charlotte posing for the camera <33 And Laura <3<3<3
  Omg!! chaos O.o !!! And my legs with my strawberry crocks xDDD

Nina, Maren und Lötti <3<3<3<3 Soo cute <3<3<3<3

 Me in my bloomers and cutsew from Angelic Pretty!! I like it <3<3<3 It´s funny.

 Yeah!! Fight!! sweet vs. elegant!! Who wins ?? 

My honey <3<3<3<3

 Me and Maren in Gyaru outfits.
 Nina and me <3<3<3<3
 Laura <3<3<3<3
 Me in my cute Vanilla chan <3<3<3<3<3

 Ghost Lolita xDD! And photostudio <3<3
 Maren in her Cherry Berry Bunny !!!!

Okay Bye Bye

SuiPrincess <3<3<3


  1. im so jealous! thats such a good idea to rent a studio ^^ you all look lovely!

  2. Love the dresses and the coordination. You all look great ^_^

  3. The outfits are sooo lovely (^__^)

  4. That looks like so much fun! I'm curious about the results, I'm sure it's gonna be really cute :D

    Btw I want to give you the Blogger Award 2011, Don't feel obliged to do something with it~ But details of passing it on are on my blog :)


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