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My 3rd day in Japan: Shinjuku and Shibuya

Hello princesses,
sorry, that I can't blog so often ;__; !! We are always on the way to something xD! We are so busy xD!
And in the evening I´m soooo tired and fall asleep!!!
Okay here some photos from Shinjuku

 My style this day. I got an curl iron from Diane, so I can finally use my extensions <3<3<3 We had breakfast at McDonalds
 A beautiful Hime in Shinjuku. She was so nice <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
  Some other Hime Gals <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

                                                             Photos from Shinjuku
     My new Hime nails *__*! I love them and paid around 100 Euro. I think thats okay. And       
     OMG I was in the same Nailsalon as Himena chan.
                                                             In La Pafait <3<3<3<3

 Soo ~  after that we went to Shibuya to meet Tomomi. We had a Puri date xDD!! I´m so happy about that ^^

                                                       Tutuha shop!! Pure LOVE!!!!!
                                                               We wait for Tomo chan ^^

Tomo-chan is such a beautiful and nice person <3

 After the Puris we went to eat some sushi and then we drove to Dianes apartment.

It was such a nice day ^-----^<3<3<3.
The sushi was so goood!! And omg I love Diane's dogs Lola and Lady, so cute !!!

 I´m so happy to be in japan <3<3<3 It is so amazing here and the people are so friendly and nice !!!!!

I Love Japan. 
But I think I won´t see Himena chan ;__; !! 
She is very busy at the moment. But I still have hope. ^^ <3<3<3
Okay Byee


 Sooo nice. There is my name "Sui" on this vending machine xDD!!!!!
The umbrella was a presento from Diane to me ;__;!! So nice !! With my favorite Ma*rs print <3<3<3<3



  1. aaaaw you met japanese tomo!! shes so pretty *0*
    glad ur having fun!!! enjoy japan life! =D
    be safe & you look awesome sui bb! <333

  2. woow ♥
    die Bildchen von dir und den ganen anderen Hime's sind echt mega schön. ♥
    Die Puri's von euc hsehen auch richtig himmlisch aus. <33
    *___* deine Nägel sind echt ein Traum! *_*
    100€ ja? Die muss man in Ehren halten XD

    Freut micht das du so viel Spaß und Freude hast. ♥
    Hoffentlich kannst du Himena trotzdem i-wie treffen ;_;
    sie muss sich doch zeit nehmen für ihren größten fan :D


  3. du siehst echt so super süß aus und du passt echt nach japan ;)
    danke dass du immer so tolle bilder hochlädst!
    hab morgen viel spaß in japan. ♥

  4. aww ich will auch wieder *_* nächstes jahr fliege ich zu 100% über ende juni anfang juli zum summer sale im 109 XD komm mit wenn alles klappt kommt jelly auch mit XD

  5. Omigawsh you all look amaaazing! <3

  6. u're fuckin' cute >w<
    i loooooooooooooove ur nails
    doki doki *_*

  7. Ahh this is a nice post :D
    Your nails are goooorgeous!!! and the puris are so cute! it looks like you're having a great time :D

  8. You are soooo cute ! I like and like again your nail art. (Wow 100 euros it's very expensive o_O)

    Many thanks to use the occasion for to take many picture.

    Have a good time in Japan.

  9. Its so fun to see you in the photos with famous shop staffs! And the puri Tomo are so nice, she is so skilled at puri it seems XD

    Thank you for including the photo of tutuHA^^/

    I wish you can meet Himena, I met her several times but I guess she is so busy recently.

  10. <3<3<3 thanks so much !!really!! you are soo lovely my princesses <3<3<3

  11. Ohhhh GOSHHHH!!!! Your nails are so beautiful! I love bling bling, they are perfect to me! But too expensive (even if they worth it). You and Diane are gorgeous! And lucky you for having done so puris with tomo-chan!


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