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7th day in Japan: Part 1, Visiting Ueno

Hello princesses,
today I want to show you some pictures from our 7th day in Japan.
We visited Ueno. 
 I think the panda bear is the mascot of the city, because we could them all over the place ^^. 
Very cute ^^.
Here some pictures for you :3
Some of you wrote or told me to post more pictures *hehe* here are more pictures for you xD !!!!
First I want to show you my presento from Kyoko. She made me this cute present!! 
A My Melody plush with a Ichigo on it!! <3<3<3<3 I was sooo happy <3<3<3<3<3
I plan to send her a presento from Germany, too <3<3<3<3

Here my three Ufo-Catcher plushies <3<3<3<3<3 I took this photo in our room <3<3<3<3<3<3
Binh ate this green KitKat ^-----^<3<3<3 It was sooo  delicious!! But I didn't found other Kitkats ;__;!
Here pictures from Ueno :

My outfit on this day <3<3<3<3 The skirt is sooo awesome!! I loveee it <3<3<3 And look this cute poster with poodles on it <3<3<3<3<3 I love pooooderuuuuuu <3<3<3<3

 This central station is just for small people xD!!! I almost hit my head, although I'm only 1.60m XD Good thing I´m so small xD
Ueno central station <3

This was in Ueno central station, too. So many Panda bears <3<3<3<3 so cute!! Kawaii 

 This was a huuge toy store in Ueno called Yamashiroya!!! Lovee it !!!!
 This puzzle was so amazing!! I really want to buy it. It was a mosaic puzzle *_*!
 Omg, such a cute kitty, looks like Church xDD !!! But it was too expensive, around 10 Euro ;_;
I walked to a big market in Ueno...

 We took some Puris there *_*! I love this Purimachine <3<3<3<3 It look soosoo cute <3<3<3
Here the Puris from this day <3<3<3

Then we were so hungry and ate something ^^. This was the first time I tried Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki.

It was sooo delicious <3<3<3<3 !!! I want more like this !!!!!!!!!! 
But I was so full after one half of the Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki  xDD!
So many shoes !! But only for boys xD !! Binh bought some shoes for himself ^^. I really like them !!
He bought very cool boots!!!

We walked around the market and found this big fish and crabs O.o!! They look soooo scary !!
And they were so big O^O !!!! Something around 60 cm for only 1000 Yen!!! 

 After strolling around we had a little bit space in our stomach again xD!! So we wanted to eat some sweets <3<3<3<3<3
 Binh's ice cream was Mango <3<3<3<3 *very good, try it*
 And my ice cream was peach *soooo yummy, best ice cream ever*

Here you see, so many ice cream sorts ^^

Okay this was our first part of Ueno. 
Tomorrow I will show you our second part. We went to a big park in Ueno <3<3<3<3

Thanks for reading my blog <3<3<3
kisses to you 


PS: I have more than 300 followers! Thanks everyone <3<3<3<3


  1. The pictures are so pretty and I love your outfit. I wanna see what you got in Japan!

  2. @I def. post pictures what I bought in japan for you !! But on the end ^^. I hope that´s okay.
    @★ギャルママ♥: I worn lenses on this day ^^.
    The name from the lenses is: Grey, Neo Dali
    They are so comfortable and make your eyes bigger but look naturally xD !!
    I love them, And can wear them a long time^^ <3

  3. ich leibe ueno und okachimachi^^;
    da waren wir immer im hotel :D schade dass ich jetzt im sommer wieder in chiba bin :)
    trotzdem ameyoko ist ein echt toller ort !!
    hoffe du hattest spaß dort
    und "congrats for 300 readers!! you deserve it! everyybody must love your blog"

  4. Nice photos! ^^ That was nice of Kyoko to give you the My Melody plushie. <3 At least I now know that there are such a thing as green KitKats haha! Love your outfit.

  5. ich liebe deine japan reports!!! und dein outfit und vor allem die haare sind echt der hammer. steht dir super gut :) und ueno ist total tooll!!! ich bin da auch voll gern :)

  6. Your pictures make me want to go back to Ueno, you found many fun things to do, the toy store looks especially cute~

  7. みえーちゃん: in okachimachi waren wir gar nicht.
    Müssen wir dann nächstes Mal unbedingt hin ^^.
    Echt im Sommer schon wieder da, warst du nciht rst letztens?? voll toll !!!!!
    Wir wollen auch so schnell wie möglich wieder hin !!
    @Lavenrose: yes, she is such a nice girl <3<3<3<3Thanks so much for you comment <3<3<3
    @Connys World: Vielen Dank, das freut mich ganz doll ehrlich <3<3<3.
    @SariMari: yes, I really want to go back, too!!!
    But we go back I promise !!XDDD


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