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7th day in Japan: Part 2, Ueno Park

Hello princesses,
now I can show you my part 2 of Ueno. 
We visited the Ueno Park and I really like the park. 

It is so idillic. 
You can find it right next to Ueno central station. 

We took this photos in the evening. So funny but on the picture it looks so bright. xD

I really like these blue flowers. Do you know the name of the flowers?? Soo amazing this colour. 
And they're so big !!!
 A beautiful backdrop for photos right?  I really like these steps ^^
A small waterfall in the park <3<33<<3
 In the park life you could see a lot of wild cats. They were soo cute <3<3<3
 A white wild cat <3<3<3 I wanted to take her to Cologne!! I think she is a girl xDD

 A Chihuahua sitter!! So cuuuute <3<3<3. And the stroller was just for the dogs <3<3<3.
Ueno central station by night <3<3<3

Here some old  purikura from me and binh <3<3

Okay more tomorrow... 

Good night princesses <3<3<3
Love you 



  1. Cute kitty~!
    I believe those flowers are called hydrangeas. They're really pretty, especially the lavender ones ^^

  2. Can't believe that there are some wild kitties roaming around there! xD Those are some big flowers.

  3. The pictures are SO pretty!
    And i love the kitties and chiuhahas xD awesome!
    Puris are cute.

  4. beautiful pic of you smelling the flowers

  5. bauernhortensien heissen die glaub ich in deutsch XD die wachsen bei uns in lila im garten ^^ XD
    die puris ist süss und cool, das nicht böse gemeint nun aber der puri automat macht die augen deines freundes richtig weiblich/fein XD puriautomaten sind schon was tolles ^^

  6. *-*
    Die Bilder von dem Pakr sind echt toll <3
    Die Puris von dir und deinem Freund sind auc hrichtig toll. ^o^


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