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My Day in Shibuya: Part 1 (Picture heavy)

Hey princesses <3<3<3<3<3,

here is a short update from my first Japan holiday. 
Okay, I can say that I really love Japan. It´s such a nice country with very lovely people. 
They are all very friendly to us. 
I´m so happy to be here <3<3<3 
But now, I miss my  kitties ;__; !!!!
At the moment they live at Binhs parents. 

Soo~ yesterday I met Diane in Shibuya!!! I love  her so much. 
She is such a nice person, and helps us so much in Japan to find everything <3<3<3<3
Here are some pictures from yesterday <3<3<3<3 ^-----^

 our food yesterday <3<3 It was so delicious and cheap <3<3<3


I met Tomomi in the Ma*rs store!! She is soooo beautiful and cute in real!!
I gave her a little present and she was so happy, that she gave me a puri with her and Himena chan <3<3
And I got an autograph from her <3<3<3<3<3 Maybe I'll meet Himena in a few days <3<3<3 *I hope so*
 The original Puri from Himena and Tomomi <3<3<3
Tomomi signed this picture and the other sign is from Himena; Diane gave me that <3<3<3

Then we visited some Game centers!! These arcades are soooooo adorable!!  I love them. But I didn´t see any Alpacas until now ;__;


Diane and me took some Purikura in a Game Center!! There are sooo many machines!! OMG !!

Okay enough for today... 
I'll try to post more ^^ <3<3<3 
I will blog what I bought later, when I´m back in Germany, when I have enough time <3<3<3<3<3<3<3.

And your comments and questions are going to be answered later, too. I hope it´s okay ^^
Bye Bye 




  1. Das Bild mit Tomomi ist soooo süüüüß >o<
    du Glückliche!!

  2. cute pictures<3 i hope you have so much fun and you can meet himena!!

  3. tomomi is so cute! omg amazing

  4. *___*
    Die Bildchen der Shops sind so toll <333 ♥
    MA*RS *schwärm* ♥
    Hast du dir auch tolle Sachen bei MA*RS gekauft?

    Ich hoffe du kannst Himena treffen. ♥

  5. OMG ich wäre geschorben *__* die geschäffte !!!

  6. Hmm ich würde mir wünschen, dass du Himena treffen kannst, du magst sie doch sooo gerne. <3

  7. Wie ich dich gerade Beneide *____*, Da will ich sogar noch mehr zurück nach Japan, als eh schon xD
    hoffe das dein Trip weiter so toll wird und du weiter so schöne Fotos Posten kannst ;)

  8. This is your first trip to Japan? You must be so excited.

    It seems you are doing so many things, I am very happy for you!

  9. i envy u)
    u and Diane look so lovely ^^

  10. Love the pictures of you and Diane! You both look so great! ^0^ And the picture with Tomomi also! Three gorgeous girls dressed in Ma*rs, then it can't get better right? XD<3

    Glad that you are enjoying your trip! Looking forward to your next post! :3
    Have lots of fun, sweetie!


  11. Awww I love those picturesss, I really love the one with you and Diane and Tomomi, that's so cute! 3 lovely ma*rs girls <3

    I really hope you can meet Himena! Please be sure to blog about it *^0^*

  12. The picture of you three together is so adorable *-*

    Ich wünsch dir noch ganz viel Spaß für den Rest in Japan <3

  13. Hi darling! I really like your blog!
    I hope that you will follow mine too ^^.

  14. ohhhhh wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the pictures are amazing~

  15. thanks for so many comments ^^V !!
    your questions:
    ♥CandyDoll♥☆♪ : Natürlich hab ich dort viel gekauft bei Ma*Rs!!Muss doch ausgenutzt werden. Zeige ich euch aber alles noch ^^ <3<<3


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