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BOBOQ Bubble tea in Düsseldorf

heya princesses,
yesterday my honey and me went to Düsseldorf. 

We had a great time there. 
First we want to check out our new bubble tea bar BOBOQ.
It´s in the Immermannstreet in Düsseldorf and...... 

I LOVE IT <3<3<3<3<3<3 

I really enjoyed my mango tea <3<3<3<3

It is soo good!! Binh had honey melon! But I think it was too sweet for me ;_; ! 
I'll try all different flavors in this bar <3<3<3<3
They have so many with milk or yoghurt ...
Then we walked a little bit through Düsseldorf. I really like this city, but not as much as Cologne ^^ <3.

Of course we took some Puris and then we came across my younger sister.
She has a new hair colour ^^It would be a little bit too light for me, I prefer milk tea brown ^^. 
 Our Puris. I want my  japanese Puris back! They are way cuter!!
Look and we went to New Yorker I tried a leo jumpsuit on. 
I really like it!! Some other gals in Germany have the same. For example Hinabi from my Gal circle Boggy Peak or Suzu or Kitai <3<3 

I really love it, but I not sure if it suits me and if it´s my style. What do you think ? O.o

Should I buy it?? 
Okay after this "hard" day *xD * we were so hungry and want to eatsomething small. 
On the way we saw a dog sitter, like in Japan, you remember the picture ? 
Sooo ~~~ cuttteee <3<3<3
Here our food: 
Binhs <3<3<3<3<3

Ahh yeah I bought some cookies in Düsseldorf! They were soo delicious. 
From a japanese supermarket with Disney figures on it <3<3<3 
They tasted soo good with strawberry cream inside <3<3<3
You definitely have to try them out !!!

Okay finally my outfit from this day: 
In the evening I visited Charlotte for a few hours. 
We had a lot of fun talked a little bit !!
I´m so happy that she is back in Germany, so I can visited her !!!
Binh visited some of his friends in Düsseldorf, too. <3<3
I really like this picture from Lötti <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 

Sooo I hope you'll read my blog again. 
This weekend we all (my friends) make a big photoshooting !! 
I´m very excited.. 
We're going to a photo studio in Troisdorf. 
We were there with Charlotte and Claudia chan last year. We had a lot of fun. 
I really miss the old times ;__; !
Here some pictures from last years shooting:
 Claudia and me <3<3
 xDD all together <3<3<3
 Melty chocolate from Claudia <333 I love this dress !!!
 Moitie outfit from Lötti <3<3<3<33
 My beloved Memorial Cake outfit!! I love this!!
My favorite photo !!! <3<3<3


Bye Bye princesses <3<3<3<3<3<3



  1. You should definetly buy that leopard jumpsuit! ^^ It suits you very well! And the memorial cake outfits are so cute! ^^ By the way i have blog too, if you are sometime bored please visit it : http://sweetday-sweeth.blogspot.com/ , thank you darling! ^^

  2. Also der Jumpsuit steht dir auf jeden Fall, aber so wirklich sicher ob er zu deinem Stil passt bin ich mir auch nicht ^^'
    Du bist so Prinzessinenhaft und der Jumpsuit geht eher in die positive Nuttenrichtung. Ich weiß nicht wie ich es anders beschreiben soll. xD
    Das letzte Foto ist echt wunderschön.

    Alles Liebe

  3. richtig süsse fotos :D <3
    und oh ja der boboq laden ist echt genial *o*!!
    aber cool, die haben neue verschluss folien :D wo ich da vor 2 wochen war, hatten die nur so ne normale ohne ein süsses motiv :(
    ;P haha :D

    lg, lalyck

  4. süße, du weißt ich bin ehrlich: der jumpsuit geht gar nicht ~.~ das ist einfach nicht der print wo ich bei dir sagen würde "raaaw" ich könnte mir den iwie besser an deinem "ich" vor 1 jahr vorstellen, haarfarbe anders etc =) würde absolut nicht zu dir aktuell passen ^__^
    btw ich finde du hast dich optisch sehr verändert in dem einen jahr (positiv!!!) ^^ find ich sehr interessant o_o wenn ich bei mir die fotos vom letzten jahr neben halte seh ich noch genauso plain aus xD...

  5. You should get the leopard jumpsuit because it suits you very well and it's nice to see you in something different for a change. :]

  6. die erdbeerdinger sehen so lecker aus *_* hab mir gestern abend auch noch schnell erdbeermochi gekauft, werde die gleich mal probieren <3

  7. Yesss buy the leopard outfit!! Because I can`t haha!! Looks good and matches your own colors! We all want it, yes ^-^

    Loved your outfit of the day, you mix colors so well =D Damn I think a bit jealous now haha =DD And those photoshooting dresses OMG, just TOO CUTE!

    Everybody have a visit here, too =D Love hearing from you!

  8. Der Bubbletea sieht toll aus *_*

  9. ich freu mich aufs we!

    besuch mich ruhig öfters <33

    das letzte foto ist sooo geil!!!!!!!


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