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I MET HIMENA and My 6th Day in Japan: Part 1, Ikebukuro

Hello princesses!

First of all: OH MY GOD, I MET HIMENA *_* <3<3<3<3<3 SHE IS SOO BEAUTIFUL <3<3 I LOVE HER <3<3<3 
Thanks to the help of Diane, Himena came just to take a few pictures with me *_* Even though she is sooo busy with her work! Such a nice person <3<3<3 And thanks to everyone who crossed fingers for me <3<3<3
Here a picture from our meeting!

I will post more about that in a later post.

This will be a post with not so much text. I don't have much time now, because our flight back to Germany goes back in 10 hours - I can't wait to see my kitties again! They'll probably be fat now after the days at Binh's parents xD

Originally we wanted to go to Puroland, Sanrio's theme park. I didn't feel well that morning, so we decided to go to Ikebukuro after I've recovered.
This was my Jesus Diamante outfit:

Sanrio Gift Gate Ikebukuro - for all your Sanrio needs <3

3pm and the streets are already crowded o.o
Starbucks <3 They had Mango Frappucinos! *.*

A girl group in front of purikura machines

Waiting for purikura ;3
Binh playing Dance Dance Revolution

I won this plushie from a UFO Catcher! <3<3
Part 2 will follow soon!



  1. Congrats! It's so nice she came just to see you, she seems so lovely. I'm glad you finally got to meet her~^^

  2. ohhh so süüüß :)
    ich freu mich ja so für dich! ich habs ja auch schon bei diane auf ihrer facebook seite gesehen dass du himena getroffen hast!!
    sie ist ja echt sowas von süß! aber du auch! und ich liebe deine ganzen outfits und dein make up!
    ich freu mich shcon auf deinen neuen post <3

  3. wow you have such a lovely blog! i will follow ♥ ♥

  4. Congrats with meeting Himena! :D
    And you look really cute, I love your outfit. ^^

  5. Waaaa :D I love that picture with you and Himena! It's so great you got to meet her afterall <3

  6. Congratulations for meeting Himena!!

  7. so nicce that you got to meet her! :)

  8. es freut mich total, dass du einen so tollen urlaub hattest und du himena getroffen hast!!! hfftl mag sie die geschenke ;))

    omg.... bilder aus ike zu sehen ist hart XD ich will "nach hause" XDD

  9. Must had been great to meet Himena (who am I kidding? It WAS great). :) Congratulations! Himena is great too, seeing how she came just to take pictures with you. ^^

  10. You're so lucky~~!!!! *jealous*
    I'm happy you got to meet her!! :)
    Hope you had a good trip in Japan, looking forward to Part 2~


  11. What an exciting experience meeting Himena! You look so lovely, too! Your hair looks amazingly beautiful!

  12. Endlich hast du sie gesehen, ich freue mich so für dich!! <33333
    DU hast es verdient :)

  13. congrats for u ^^
    im so glad that one of ur dreams does come true =*
    u both look so adoreable <3333
    btw,on the second pic..is it a wig or ur real hair color!?
    kiss you <333

  14. Ich hoffe, du hattest ganz viel Spaß in Japan. <3 Ich spare gerade fleissig darauf, nächstes Jahr wieder zu fliegen. :)

    Liebe Grüße,

  15. Congrats for meeting Himena! ^^

  16. all your actus from JAPAN are amazing!!! Hfdshfjhgdfjk we will never get tired of your outfits and your sweet faces :P

  17. Thank you fro all you commets !!
    I´m sooo happy that you read my blog and write commets, really!!! <3<3<3
    I´m so happy that I could met Himena !!!!!
    So I answer your questions:
    Japanese wife: That´s a wig, my real hair colour do you see in the first picture ^^

  18. So happy for you to meet Himena!!! I'm sure it was a great moment for you!! Love your picture with schoolgirls in purikura! (and you alone, so gorgeous!)


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