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New Hime stuff// Himena took a bath - Monster High

Hello princesses,

How are you? I hope fine. ^^. This week two new items arrived ^----^.
Frist my new necklace. Finally I found a similar one which Himena has.
It was really cheap just 4 Eur, and I am so glad that it finally arrived. I ordered it from China.

And also my DreamV Maxi dress arrived. Jojo helped me to find it. Thanks so much again ^^
I am really happy with this dress and I wanted it for a long time ^^
I can´t wait to wear this Princess dress in summer <3<3<3<3<3
Picture is from DreamV site

And at last our wedding rings arrived. We decided to buy good ones, because you wear these rings the rest of your life ^^.
And we also plan a bigger wedding in the next years, so we will use them there too.
I really love the rings ^^.

Well, yesterday my kitty Himena also made her fur really dirty <<. She climbed behind our closet and has a lot of dust and stuff in her fur. So we decided to wash her. 
She looked so so small!! And super cute I think. She really don´t hate water and
she didn´t "meow" or try to run away ^^".thats really strange... for a cat xD

So today my hun and me went to to the supermarket "Real" because they had Monster High stuff.
Of course a reason to take a look and for food shopping XD
Hun and me before we started ^....^<3<3<3
That was my casual but cute outfit ^...^ I found a Barbie cardboard shelf I wish I could bring it with me *""*
My hairstyle from the back ^^ I don´t know why but I liked it a lot <3<3<3
 Heres what I bought underwear from Monster High <3<3<3
That´s so cool especially the hot pants <3<3<3<3

I tried two diffrent outfits with my new twin hat (with Yuki) and my new Shirt.  I bought both items last week ^^. And wanted to make one outfit more casual and one more hime.
I bought the hat at H&M and the shirt at Tally Weijl, both items are awesome for hime style ^^.
Yuki and me plan also a complete Twin outfit with the hats, let´s see ^....^





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