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Easter Hime Gyaru meet// photo shooting(behind the scenes) Part 1

Hello princesses,
On Saturday Yuki made a small Easter meet with Steven, Brandon, Binh, me and her.
We met at the OCS to see it for the last time because today it was the last day open.
We didn´t take Purikura 1) it was too full and 2) only the shitty machine works ^^.
Then we went into a small park in Düsseldorf. It was so much fun but so so so cold. Steven and Yuki also made some Easter baskets for us. That was so cute. I smiled like a small child and directly ate some of the chocolate xD.
I saw a super cute Hime girl there, she knows me and my blog. I asked her for a picture because she looks awesome!
Steven and me!
Yuki hun and me <3<3<3 I love you!

In the Park ^^
I bought this Liz Lisa coat from Yuki and I love it so much! I didn´t have a mirror so we took a picture so I could see if I like it on me and... yeahh I love it <3<3<3<3<3
Our Easter baskets <3<3<3 Thanks sooo soo much <3
I found it <3<3<3

kiss time again <3<3<3<3<3
Steven you look so cool here <3<3<3<3<3
As I said we made a small photo shooting in the park. My husband made some pictures behind the scenes. In my next post I want to show you then the final results of our shooting <3<3<3
Here one iPhone try:

Behind the scenes:

After that we went to Takumi, it was really cold and I almost couldn´t feel my hands...
Plus we all were very hungry <3
My food <3<3<3<3
We had some stalker at Takumi ´xD
 I wish you all very nice easter days <3<3

Today's outfit

Shoes, Hairbow, Bag: La Pafait
Both Coats: Liz Lisa
Skirt, Babydoll:  PrincessMelody
Item: Brand




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