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Visit the Netherlands// some buys// Casual outfits

Hello princesses,

How are you today? How was your week? I hope not so hectic. ^^
I had two boring outfits this week xD. But some of you asked me or begged me to post also my casual outfits, which I wore. So well here we go. ^^

Week's first outfit

Shirt:Katy Perry
Scarf: Tally weijl

Week's second outfit

Necklace: Princess Melody
Shirt:Katy Perry- Tally Weijl

My husband and me also visited this week Venlo in the Netherlands with some of our friends. It was really funny especially because we were a big group ^^- <3 Nadine, Ben, Silke, Thomas, Mel, My husband, me and all kids ^^.
I didn´t make a lot of pictures, because my phone was almost dead ;__;. I am sorry ;__;

The first spring flowers ^------^<3<3<3<3
haha this picture is so damn cute, my Godchild Pia runs ^^

My love and me <3
Our food from that day, we ate at KFC ^-----^

Today's buys

A new bracelet, draculaura soap and a Mars- Milk drink ^^
A freaky- scary  Poodle Bag charm ^^. I love Poodles!!!
And kawaii!!! Charmy kitty bag+ lipgloss and mirror!!! Awww!!!

 I also bought an awesome shirt this week in Leverkusen.
It´s Kitty Purry or better Katy Perry its so awesome! They had some star shirts there like Karl Lagerfeld or Lady Gaga ^^.
You can buy it at Tally Weijl.

P.s.Some of you didn´t know this but Himena Ousaki was at Kawaii.i.
Finally this episode is online on Youtube! 1000000, 1000000 times thank you to Babykawai who uploaded it. I miss to watch it online so I am so happy that I could watch it there ^----^.
Enjoy it. <----



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