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Sponsored review: I-dollsuk circle lenses// Eye Meny choco pudding

Hello princesses,

Today I want to make a review about my new sponsored lenses from I-dollsuk.
I-dollsuk have a big selection of Korean circle lenses in diffrent colors, designs and sizes. But they also have a lot of diffrent fake lashes in their assortment. They were located in the UK and ship worldwide.
Their lenses have an awesome quality and are comfortable to wear ^^ So try it out.
You can pay with Paypal at I-dollsuk and can place your order via a message on there Facebook shop. The The shipping is very fast (*^3^)/~☆If ordered and paid before 3pm orders will be posted out the same day.
I tried these lenses (They are also available in the color: violett, green, blue and gray):

Eye Meny~ choco Pudding  (They came with a awesome Anna Sui case, you can choose the color too)

Some information:
Diameter D.I.A: 22.8MM
Water content Water Content: 38%
Base Curve B.C: 8.60MM
Center Thickness CT: 0.018MM
Material: HEMA-MMA

Can Use: One year

Today's lenses review photos:


Me with the Eye Meny Choco Pudding lenses:
Just one lens in (without make up)
Both lenses (without makeup)

open+ makeup witout flash
From the side...
with flash!

Conclusion to these circle lenses:

These Eye Meny lenses are very big and make your eyes look like big dolly eyes!I think you can see in the pictures I took really good the difference between my eye and the lenses. 
I think it looks just amazing. Usually I can´t wear brown lenses, I tried so many and it normally looked kinda weird. But with these lenses I´m really happy and I like how they also look on lighter eyes.
(´ ▽`).。o♡. I really think they are now my favorite pair of lenses.
I wore them a whole day at a convention and had no problems with them they were the whole day comfortable.




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