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Time to change something! // Leaving Gaijin Gyaru Community!

Hello everyone,
Today I make a serious post so please read it.
First thing:
I´m done with the GaijinGyaru Comunity. Yuki and I decided now to leave the Gyaru community! She also made a post on her Blog. In the last weeks I seriously asked myself so many times, why I still do this?
It was really like a hobby for me but it turned into a really bad thing and lots of stress.
I just noticed that my friend Yuki got a really stupid secret and some other good Gyarus too in the past.
I mean what is wrong with you? The most secrets have nothing to do with normal criticsm. It´s just always the same: "You are fat" "You are ugly". And well if you have critiscm and want to tell them , why don´t you write a mail or contact them?! It´s just to try to push ppl down or blame them, which is really sad.
and thats not all. In the Gyaru secrets are so many big fat lies.Which are just lies and nothing is true on it.
Best example was. After my Exboyfriend and I broke up, Yuki got 3 secrets that she is a slut because she stole my boyfriend. And THIS IS NOT TRUE! She never stole my Bf. she never had anything with him or anything. Yuki was all the time in a relationship and also my Exbf had after a short time a new girl, but not Yuki and the sad thing is that people really believe what stands there! And it´s just a lie! 
Are some people so bored that they sit in front of a computer and think "Mhhhh~what lie can I post today about the person xxx"?!
We are all one community and we earn enough strange looks from ppl who are not into Gyaru or Lolita or Fairy kei, Creepy cute or whatever for a style. So why is it so hard to stand together?
I don´t get it! But, I´m tired of thing number one so I will change a lot. I´m def. out of the gyaru comunity or lolita or whatever. I´m now just "Sui" who is interested in J-fashion. And don´t call me a "Gyaru" anymore. I will wear what I want and when I want. Princess style or normal style or whatever I feel like.I like my clothes so I will still wear them. But I´m seriously ashamed to call myself a Gyaru, when I see something like this. Obviously don´t get me wrong, there are also a lot nice Gals out there (with really nice personalities :), but also so much Drama in this community and I don´t want this anymore.
I also will change my posts and post not so often. Maybe once a week, maybe not. I will decide it for myself.
This is definately nothing againt my readers or fans, I´m really thankful that you read my blog, comment and write me awesome mails. This part is for the haters <,<
Found it in Tumblr. Posted by pastel-cutie
And another thing:
Some persons here are constantly talking shit about me behind my back in public. I never said anything to this but now its too much.Talking shit about my husband and my family is way to much. And has absolutley nothing to do with me.
I guess some of you guys hear lies or stories about me.  And I hope I really just hope you don´t belive all this stuff. It´s always easy just to listen to a story and directly believe it. But finding out the truth is a way harder. Or to see there is always different views of a story.
I never said I´m an Angel or something obviously I also did mistakes. 
I think you should make your own picture about me and not just because you hear something.  (Thank you to all ppl who let me always know about this!)
I don´t write more about this but I needed to say it. I give a shit if someone talks about me(It´s really sad that they have to do it for such a long time though), and I  think it´s pretty sad if ppl belive it. But I stand over it because I know the truth and : Hell yeah I´m damn happy with my life now.
But If it goes about my Hubby or familiy, these people who talk shit didn´t even know them!
So I just can say it again, Please make your own picture of a person!
But Stop now!



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