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Shopping in Primark, Essen

Hello princesses,
today honey and me went to Essen.
A new Primark store has opened last week . I´m so in love with this shopping store, that we decided to go to my favorite city Essen *O*!!
On the way we got into a big storm and rain T--T!!
But then the weather was better when we arrived there ^---^.
Better for my hair XD!
So first we went to Primark, and met my friend Bella on the way*O*
Bella and me <3
What the hell I´m doing there XDDDD

cute slippers *O*

 After shopping in Primark, we visited the christmas market in Essen. 
It is so beautiful there. I love the decoration so much, but I think that's so much effort put in the decoration O.o
A super cute pug. I want to buy a pug too and call him "Pommes", haha <3

Ferris wheel <3

 After that we went to eatsomething, because we were so hungry. 
I forgot my breakfast today >.< 
So we went to McDonald's. It´s kind of cheap and we love this food. 
And here more shopping pictures, from other stores ^...^<33
Do you know Monki? Its a swedish store in Essen. I love their clothes. 

Taken in the changing room in Monki, I love the mirrors there. An army of Sui's XDDDD
Monki ^^
Look we found this flower from "Alice in Wonderland" in a deco store <3
 In Claire's:

Honey with Hello kitty hat! I wanted this hat soo much T___T
me with the hello kitty hat *O*
Okay here what I bought today: 
This pajama from Primark *O* Soo cute with sheep <3 
And a Ma*rs-like hairbow:

This shirt from Gina Tricot:

 And this beret from H&M for just 1 Euro ^^

Todays outfit:
Top: Golds infinity
Cardigan: H&M
Skirt: Kult
Overknee socks: Ebay
Boots: Street
Coat: Ma*rs
Bag: My Melody Vivitix

Okay enough for today ^--^


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