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Friday with friends - MA*RS twins // My Godchildren

Hello princesses,

Friday I met Jana and her friend Julia in Düsseldorf. Jana and me wore a twin Ma*rs outfit *O*!!!
We took Purikura together and then Charlotte my good friend joined us. It was not planned ^---^.
I was so happy to meet her so we could spend the day together. 
Here our new Purikura ^--^<

 After that we all went to Takumi <3<3<3<3<3 
It was so delicious I ate Karaage (唐揚げ). You know that? 
It´s fried chicken and I love it *O* 
Lötti with Snoopie and me with My Melody <3

Soo~ then after we ate, my old friend Nadine also came to Takumi, too.
What a big friend meetup XDDD.
Nadine and Jana gave me christmas presents but I'm going to post them later all together <3.
Nadine wanted to take Purikura with Jana and me and so we went back to the OCS, again XD.
Good thing, they're all on the same street. 
My cute Jana with a Barbie poodle *O*

yeah double twin XD
All together <333
Awwwww, there was a Liz Lisa bag in this magazine . So I bought it *O*
 The some of the second round Purikura XD

And finally we all drank warm bubble tea *O*
It´s so good to have warm bubble tea when it's cold outside. Unfortunately they don´t have Strawberry Milk in warm ;___; but Milk tea is also good ^.- 

Mami and Baby bubble tea *O* <333333

My day wasn´t finished after that *hehe*
We went to visit my godchildren and their parents Silke and Thomas in the evening and spent the evening together.
We ate Spagetti and watched to movie "Christmas vacation", like every year ^^.
Amy and me <3

My outfit today:
Bow, Jacket, Bag: Ma*rs
Dress: Mango
Shoes: Jumey
Overknees: Ebay

My eyemakeup
 Here's what I got today: New Ageha + Liz Lisa bag Magazine "Cutie" and a Sailor Moon Manga 

Bye Bye


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