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Boggy Peak Gal meetup 06.08.11

Hello princesses,
yesterday was a small Boggy Peak meetup. We had a lot of fun. 
Unfortunately the weather against us, again. It rained soo much. I hate this. 
My hair looked so ugly ;__; !!! 
But well, we still had fun ^------^<3 And that´s the important thing, isn't it? 
Laura went to my place and then we went together to the meetup in Düsseldorf <3.

Laura and me in the train <3
Of course we all took Purikura. 
Some of you asked me how much Purikura cost in germany. It cost 6 Euro (~$8.50)
But we usually share the costs <3 So it´s okay. <3<3<3 Compared with the japanese machines, you only get one print, so you have to share that one, too :(
This is a Purikura with Mona, Jelly, Bella, Laura and me <3

Here more pictures, pictures were from Ai chan <33
I forgot to takemore pictures, sorry ;__;. 
Ari and me <3<3

Alina² <3<3<3
Aiko chan and Ari <3

Ai, Jelly, Bella and a good friend from Jelly <3<3
My food at a chinese restaurant <3

I bought  a cute Ma*rs jumpsuit from Jelly and she gave me that jumpsuit yesterday.
I love it. It´s with my favorite print <3<3. 

Some presents from jelly. This is soo cute from her <3<3<3<3 Thanks honey.

And this pPostcard from my family arrived <3<3 Thanks soo much <3<3<3

And finally my outfit: 

Before I forget - I took pictures from and with Himena chan yesterday xD 
Me with my Smurfcup and Himena in the background xD

Okay Byyee Byye



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