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Meeting Sutewi, Liz Liza Gyaru and friends from Luxembourg

Hello princesses,
today I met Steffi aka Sutewi and her friends Nathalie and Ania in Cologne.
Sutewis Blogspotblog ^^.
Steffi is one of my blog readers and she asked me if we can meet, because she's visiting Germany this weekend ^^.

I was sooooo happy to meet her. 
She is such a cute girl and such a good gal <3<3<3.
We had a lot of fun, and tomorrow I'm going to see her again <3<3<3<3 yeahi <3<3<3<3.
Here some pictures from today:

Look, Steffis phone *O* !!! <3<3<3<3

in Claires XDD

Me in Gina Tricot! I love that shirt and bought it yeah <333 It costs only 5 Euro *_*

All together !!! <333333

She is soo cute right? I love her outfit. It´s from Liz Lisa <3<3<3 *o*

Posing <3<3<3
We all went to Akira a japanese restaurant in cologne. I´m sooo happy they all like the food there. 

Akira is soo delicious <3<3 I love it.
You might remember, it´s Binh's and my favorite restaurant in Cologne.
Here's what we had:

Binhs food

Mine food<3

I also bought some other small stuff today. 
The cute accessories are from a small asian store <3. 
Pink flower for hair <3<3

cute ribbon necklace in white

this golden heart earrings <333
And here my outfit from today:
Oh and look, Steffi gave me a small present. Soo cute. I loove it <3<3

I had a small present for her, too *hehe*. 
A Rilakkuma charm. I LOVE it <333 Many Thanks <3<3<3

Okaayyy Bye Byyyee

SuiPrincess <3<3<3<3<3<3


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