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New tutuHA coord / Friday cocktails with my friends

Hey princesses,
how was your weekend? Mine was wonderful!! One of my best weekends. 
First I want to talk about my friday <3<3 I will post about the rest of my WE tomorrow <3
After work, I met Charlotte  in Cologne. We spent the most of the time in Starbucks and had so much fun!
In the evening I was planning to meet my other friends, so Charlotte came with us <33 yeahh !!!.

We went to Krefeld to Anh Binh's and Maren´s home. Jessy came to their home, too.
We took some photos, talked so much and ate something small <33.
It was such a nice atmosphere <33 I´m sooo happy that I have so good friends - Girls and Boys: I LOVE YOU ALL <3<3<3.
So after that we went to Extrablatt in Krefeld and drank some cocktails.

The girls <3

XD And Binh with blonde hair???

I´m so in love with the non alcoholic cocktail called Ipanema which I and Maren ordered <33. It´s soo sweet and with soo much sugar *_*
some kiss pictures:
Jessy and Micha <33

Maren and Anh Binh

Honey and me <3

Here's my outfit for that day: This time of wore the black, not the hime version ^^ <3
Top: Tutuha
Skirt: Ma*rs
Jacket: Ma*rs
Shoes, bag, necklace: Jesus Diamante 

with Lötti <33

I also bought this cute ring in Cologne <3<3 I´m so in love with it.
I love the flowers and the lace *O* !! Just 3 euro in a super cute asian store. <3<3<3
My nails ;__; !! I need new french nails !!!!!

Okay have a nice sunday my princesses.




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