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Meeting Mangaka Alexandra Völker in Düsseldorf

Hello princesses,

today was a very good day. I´m very happy <3<3<3
I met Alexandra Völker in Düsseldorf. I was so happy, because I´m a big fan of her Mangas. 

She is a known Manga artist in germany, and she´s such a nice and beautiful girl.
I love her <3<3<3<3<3<3
Her Facebook: Alex
Please visit her site *^* <3

At the moment she is working on her newest Manga.
She told me, in near future she will give me some informations about her new Manga and I will blog for you about it <3
You can meet her on 15th October in Düsseldorf. She will hold a Manga Workshop, more about that in a later post ^---^.
Here some pictures. I met her and some of her friends ^^ <33

 Me and Alex
 Woooaa I met Caro in Düsseldorf - of course we took a picture <3<3<3 ^---^
 Me with Alex and Nana ( also very good Mangaka )
 Alex drew something <3<3<3 I love her drawings *O*
 My food <3<3<3 A big salad with chicken *O*

All together on the way to a bar. 
 My non alcoholic cocktail.

 Alex drew something for me <3

 Here's an autograph from her <3<3<3

 Nana drew this. This is me. I really like that picture <3<3<3
Thanks sooo much

Awwww and this is from Alex. This is me, too <3<3 I love it <3<3<3

I took some Purikura with my honey today:

 And finally my outfit :
Himena and me <3<3

 And my sleepwear, tonight  XDD. I bought it 2008 in America- Universal studios <3

Bye Bye

SuiPrincess <3<3<3



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