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Big Shopping in Cologne // Italian restaurant Vapiano

 Hello princesses,
how are you ?? 
I'm fine, today is the eyedoc appointment dödödödödöööm... XD
But I will tell you what we did yesterday. 
Honey and me went shopping in Cologne. 
We had a lot of fun in the shops and I totally fell in love with the new Tally Weijl collection. 
A lot of the items were pink and with flowers and a little bit Liz Lisa style. *O*! 
I love to see the spring outfits. 
So here some of our pictures today :
A pink dog - not xD The doggie is wearing a pink shirt ^.-

Sui walks through cologne ^--^.

I found this cute purse at accesorize and want to say LOVE to my readers *O*

Omg I love shoes....

 After shopping honey went with me to an italian restaurant called Vapiano.
Our good friend Sascha told us about it and yesterday we wanted to check it out.
First when we come in we got a card and we didn´t know what to do. But then a friendly waitress said us what is to do.
You go to a station with Pasta, Pizza or Salat and you order your food directly from the cook.
And then you saw how the cook make your food. 
That was very interesting. You should check it out. The food is very good. 
And Vapiano had a lot of branches in Germany ^---^ check it out: Vapiano
But here our pictures:

Here you see me with the card *left* and right the menu card
Binh ordering our food ^...^

Here you see the cooks and the kitchen

Aww me with my fungi noodles. It was such a big serving O.o !!!! I could not eat all.

The noodles I chose looked so funny. I think they were called Papadelle or something xD
Soo then shopping items from today.
I needed some stuff in brown for my new Liz Lisa Babydoll shirt I posted in the last post.
So I bougtht this: 
Brown shoes at Forever 18

Brown ribbon bag at Tally weijl

Brown Liz Lisa style skirt at Tally weijl

3 new lippglosses and a mascara ^^
My outfit: 
Dress, Boots, Bag : Liz Lisa
Necklace, Cardigan: Jesus Diamante
Hairbow: Paris Kids 
Coat: DreamV- Yumetenbo
Bunny ring: Accessorize

Okay that was all for today.
I wish you a nice day <33
Love you all


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