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My Name is Sui Princess♡ aka. black-sui.
I live in Germany
I love japanese fashion especially with Swankiss ꒰๑❛▿❛ ॢ̩꒱.
I am in love with my husband he is from America, he seriously is the best in my whole life *Dream mode on*
My idols are
♡Saaya♡,♡Mimi♡,♡Hikapu♡ and ♡Suzunyan(◌ॢ•ω•◌ॢ).
This blog is about my life, fashion and other things which interest me.
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Q&A @ SuiPrincess (its´s a old Q&A *from 03/2012- not everything is current*)

Hello princesses,
Here are the Question and Answers about me.
Thanks so much for so many questions xD !!!
If you have any questions please feel free to ask me everytime via E-mail ^---^. <--- click
So  enjoy and let´s start: 

Me at my enrollment ^---^ I didn´t laugh ...
  1. How long do you need in the bathroom?
    XD - Ohhh this is a good question xD. When I'm doing the complete Hime style, with extensions, makeup a.s.o I need about 1.5 hours xD. This is the reason why I use half wigs quite often. This reduced the time I need to just 50 minutes xDDDD. I know it is a long time, too, but I love it to do my hair and do my makeup.
  2.  How tall are you?
    I´m 1,62m (
    5' 4'') tall, but I wish I was smaller... It is funny - I'm always wearing high heels, because the legs look so much prettier in high heels, but at the same time I want to be smaller. Women xDD...
  3. What are you working as?
    I work as a Call Center agent.
  4. How long is your real hair?
    About 45 cm
  5. Where do you get your hair extensions from?
    I bought them at Ursis hair shop: http://www.ursis-haare.net/. They ship worldwide from Austria.
  6. What is your haircolour?
    My real hair colour is dark blonde, but I coloured my hair recently in natural blonde from L'oreal.
  7. Wie hat alles bei dir angefangen? Was gibt dir die Motivation eine Hime Gyaru zu sein? Ist es dein Leben oder nur Spaß? (How did everything start / What is your motivation for being a Hime Gyaru?)
    Mhh~ it began with Gyaru/ Himegyaru when I saw the ageha in our japanese bookstore. I fell in love with this cute style with all the hair ribbons, the lashes and of course the clothes.
    In the beginning my favorite model was Satomi Yakuwa, but then I found Himena in the Ageha and fell in love with her style. So I searched on the internet to find out which style she wore.
    I found out its Hime and Agejo-Style mixed. So I decided to look like a princess - every day when possible.
    I love to dress up like a girl since I've been a small girl. You can ask my mother. Every day I said to my mum that I wanted to wear a dress. XD. My mum is always laughing when she tells this story.
    I remember at the day of my enrollment, I wanted to wear a dress, but it was too cold outside  and I had to wear pants and a pullover. I was so angry with my mum xD.
    I like to look into my mirror and see a princess-me. It's not like I hate a simpler style, but I couldn't wear this everyday. This would be too boring for me. And my honey also really likes my style. I´m so happy about that. So it is my life ^^
  8. Can't you do a video when you make yourself ready for the day, like your hair and makeup? :) What kind of hair extensions do you use?
    yes I can. I try it as soon as possible ^---^. I use clip-in extensions.
  9. Bekommst du wegen deines Aussehens manchmal blöde Kommentare? (Do you sometimes get bad comments because of your looks?)
    Yes I do. Many of them say "Barbie girl" or name me of of the Disney princesses (like sleeping beauty), but if I hear them I only laugh about it, because Barbie is a very beautiful - maybe too beautiful girl xD. So it is not am attack in my eyes. Most of the time I don't even realize that the people are looking at me, I don´t care.
    But from time to time some people are very nasty and go too far. They start yelling and swearing and stuff. Can't they keep their opinions to themselves? I know, we live in a country where you have the freedom of speech. But this doesn't mean you should shove your own opinion in the other persons face...
    In my opinion every person can dress up what he/ she want right? I do understand when someone doesn´t like my style, or keeps staring. This is a totally normal reaction to something unusual ^^.
  10. Do you read books? If yes, what's your favorite book atm?
    Yes I love it to read books, especially horror books. My favorite book is “The Host” from Stephenie Meyer.
My biggest inspiration
  1. Who is your idol/model?
    Himena Ousaki! and Katy Perry!
  2. Favorite color?
    Of course baby pink  <3
  3. Do you do some kind of sports or are you some kind of couchpotato?
    No I´m a couchpotato and this is the reason why I'm dissatified with my weight...I recently started to do some sports at home though :3
  4. Do you like sushi?
    yes, I love sushi. My favorite on is salmon maki
  5. Are you a shoppaholic?
    yes, I am. I love it to go shopping!
  6. H&M oder TellyWeijl?
    I like both stores.
  7. What is your favorite perfume?
  8. Romance-comedy or horror movie? Definitely horror movies. My best friend Laura and me watch every horror movie in the cinema ^....^<3 We love horror movies.
  9. Angelina Jolie oder Jennifer Aniston?
    I prefer Jennifer Aniston. I like her friendly and cute face - and I really like her in the sit comedy Friends.
  10. Wieviel Zeit verbringst du täglich vor dem PC? (How much time do you spent in front of your PC on a daily basis?)
    Probably too much time. I love it to surf on the internet. I buy a lot of my clothes online and always check my favorite blogs or write mails with my friends... And at work I spend the whole day using the computer ...
  11. What would you do, if you're wearing a Stromtrooper suit?
    I would create an awesome Youtube video and take over the world muhahahaha ← just kidding xD.
    Oh my god I want a Stormtrooper suit so badly for my bedroom. That´s awesome. And some day I will buy one. At the moment I have only my small plush trooper ^----^
  12. What is your favorite blog/ bloginspiration?
    I love the blog from Foki (Foki.se). I check it every day. I also love Zhi Zhi's blog: http://koakumachou.blogspot.com/. And of course my japanese Hime blogs ^---^. (will make a post about them). Here one from Canasan: http://blog.crooz.jp/canasan/
  13. What is your favorite makeup brand?
    Chanel *O*!! I love Chanel makeup so much that want to collect the full collection. But I also use cheaper brands like Manhattan, too ^---^.
  14. How do you order all your japanese clothes?
    I have a Tenso account so I can order all my clothes from the internet shops from Ma*rs, Liz Lisa etc. I'm also in the super lucky position to have some friends in Japan and Hong Kong who can buy items for me *O*.
    When I'm looking for sold out items, I usually look on the japanese auction site mbok.jp. Then I use Celga.com.
    Don't forget Gyaru sales com, they have great stuff sometimes ^---^ http://gyaru-com-sales.livejournal.com

  1. Are you rich? how can you buy so many things?
    Noooo, not at all!! I wish I was rich. I´m a regular human but I have a  job, so I'm earning my own money. I´m kinda old xDDD. I only have a small aparment. So it is okay and I can buy some brand clothes. (and a lot of them are second hand)
  2. /
  3. What did you dress/looked like before hime gyaru?
    Before I found the Hime Gyaru / Gyaru style I wore the casual Lolita style or a simple cute style. Always with ribbons in the hair. That time I still wore jeans and cute tops ^---^.
    Before that I wore the punk- visu style ;__; but, this style didn't suit me. It didn't look sweet or girlie enough for me.
    Here in this post you can find some old pictures of me: Good-old-times-click here <--- <3
  4. Hi, Sui! Do you wear press-on nails? If so, how do you keep your real nails strong and healthy at the same time?
    No only for conventions. My real nails are sooo thin ;__;. I don´t know a good answer xDD. My nails are horrible. Maybe use nail hardeners?
  5. What are your 5 favorite shops where you get your clothes from? 
    Ma*rs, La Pafait, Jesus Diamante, Liz Lisa, DreamV ^---^ I also like Golds infinity and One Spo ^--^.
  6. May I ask you that what is your word of wisdom to girls who wants to be a beautiful gyaru like you?
    Aww thank you *O*!
    I'd say stay true to yourselves and don´t listen to others. There's always someone who doesn't like you or your style.
    If you like a style or a dress or something then wear it! Then you can become a beautiful gyaru! I would describe this a process where you keep improving little by little. When I started with Gyaru I looked so much worse compared to today, but this is normal ^---^. <33 Give yourselves a little bit time <3.+ you don´t really need brand to be a gyaru ^...^
That's it! Thanks for all the questions you sent in!


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